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Relic Packs at more places


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since i love the relic packs from the syndicates for stocking up relics, i was wondering if DE might actually add them to other standing organizations. E.g. Cetus and Cephalon Simaris are providing daily farmable standing which I really would love if you could purchase relic packs for the same price 20000 per 3 relics from them too.

Please DE, make it happen.

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I tend to do all my daily syndicate missions to maximize the syndicate gain.
Why? Because i hate to do the boring grind. With the packs i can get random relics every few days in decent numbers.
With the expansion to Cetus and Simaris the other standing grinders might benefit from that too.

More mission diversity instead of running Mot/Mithra/Xini/Io all over again.

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