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Sniper rifle scope (third person)


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Hey DE can you please put third person for sniper rifles with the looking down the sight and seeing just the full scope puts me off but using ash I have noticed that if you use his cloak and use your sniper rifle it is in (third person) along with ivara, it works so well for when your in a tight spot with alot of enemy's and would love if DE would make it optional so as you don't need to always use ivara or ash cloak to use snipers in third person 


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Yes please.

One of the reasons i dont like sniper rifles is because the scope (which is mandatory, otherwise snipers suffer hardcore aim debuffs without it) hides both my warframe and gun's models.

I really like the design of some snipers and would be happy to have them in frame when i use them. There's 2 ways to go about it:

  1. Have an option to not use sniper scopes, but instead a simple hardcore zoom (like latron prime, for example);
  2. All snipers to have a "no scope" zooming option / degree, in which the scope isnt used and instead its a very slight zoom, with every zoom mode after that using scope.
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