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On-The-Fly Build Switching


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This has probably been suggested before and it's a very "quality of life" feature, but being able to switch builds on frames/weapons outwith the arsenal would be very handy. 


Rough idea of what it'd look like:



Again, not a major feature in need of implementing, but it'd be nice to have.

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19 hours ago, peterc3 said:

That's what the Change Loadout is for in the bottom right. This is just making the UI more complex and duplicating already existing functionality within the same context.

I get that, the idea's mainly for people who like using a particular loadout/frame and have different builds for said frame. Would rather have one Mesa loadout that I can quickly change mods for than have three Mesa loadouts with different mods.

Edit: also saves jumping back and forward between Arsenal/Nav menus.

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