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Where is update 23.10.0?!

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While I understand some people dislike the way DE announces things with a "maybe next week" kind of deadline, I find it quite endearing in its honesty.

Compare DE to other developers....like Ubisoft or EA.  Those companies will hide their development process and actively not include their customers, often leading to *paid* DLC taking over a year to come out, or to just be cut entirely.

DE on the other hand, they actually *read and interact* with their forums.  They don't filter out negative opinions....they *eat them, and use them to improve." Further, they share the bleeding edge of their development cycle, and hold what are essentially talk shows to share their work with their customers.  They don't have to do this, but they do in order to make the more die-hard fans feel included, and to feel the momentum of their company.

The way this company allows transparency to their fan base is amazing, and while it can be frustrating when (like with any company) project deadlines are exceeded, this company gives us status updates like we're actually on the team....or the project manager. Sure, it opens their projects up to frustration and criticism, they NEVER jerk our chain about content like DICE is doing right now, for instance.  And this is why I almost always get Prime Access.....because this game, its dev team, its community, its content, its gameplay, and its ever-growing universe and rich lore keep pulling me in deeper.  So, I'll take the minor frustration of a deadline missed by a day or two....because they let us see how the sausage is made, and even sometimes let us make some of the sausage ourselves (Tennogen even allows fans to make money!).  So don't go saying that this is "unprofessional," just because you're used to "professionalism" being defined by the likes of EA, who will lie to their customers and never communicate.  I would say quite the opposite.  They go out of their way to be more than professional, and set a special standard like no other company.  I'm not saying "give them a break because they're a small indie developer," because they aren't anymore; rather I'm saying that they have built such a level of trust and expectation within the fanbase that even a day or two of delay on an update garners attention.  I remember when CoD was supposed to have new updates with maps and weapons, and the fans would hear NOTHING as deadlines passed by for weeks. So....yeah....I'm more impressed right now that DE has made a free update to a free game such a big deal to so many players.  Yeah, I'm disappointed the Mainline Update didn't come out today, but I'm more in awe of how they have managed their public relations, and have used it to build a community, and elicit emotional reactions when programmers need a day or two to finalize an update.  Many companies would consider such an ability to connect with their customers to be some kind of unknowable alchemy.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, complain all you like....it won't bring the update sooner.

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2 hours ago, KrazyKubrowLady said:

Brace yourselves for the salt accrued for the login system :'D

The salt of the SO CALLED veteran that wants players to way YEARS to get some stuff like they had? Or how it's A BIG CHALLENGE to just login in every day, and how everyone should have it the same way? XD 

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Just now, Ryosuk3 said:

Because that's none of our business... Their source code isn't open source or else and they don't owe us a justification

Yeah, all we need to know is that "Scotty" is working on resetting the isolinear processors in the ionic phase displacement array to be properly calibrated with the magneterium core, so the warp drive can be engaged. :nerd:

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53 minutes ago, LasarraSelendis said:

Is it just me or are there Tenno who can't login right now?

I'm able to login in the website, but the game says I have to "Check your login info."

1 hour later and me too, bud. I don't even care about the update yet these heathens are the ones able to log in. I just want to play.

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vor 57 Minuten schrieb Legionaire_Sprinkles:

Just please don't let it be a repeat of Sanctuary Onslaughts update weekend. That was atrocious. 

"Never play on patch day!" either that or be ready to face some remaining bugs. But aren't we used to it at some point now? 

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On 2018-10-10 at 2:13 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Final Oct 11 Update:

There's one new issue we just don't want to ship with, so we're going to fix it, build, and deploy first thing tomorrow (Friday) when we're in full force. If you want to participate in Arbitrations on Launch, finish your Star Chart :)! That's a requirement for access to the new missions.

Just a heads up for those, like myself, who procrastinated on finishing up 100% of the star chart until seeing this notice:

All Planets w/ a Nightmare node?

IIRC, minus DS and Archwing, Nightmare mode missions need all node to be cleared. If you're up to this point in the game, then you likely dealt w the junctions for the main quests, but may have missed any Dark Sector and Archwing missions( I was missing 2 DS and Kuva Fort Defense... thankfully no archwings!).

When was the last time you check the Orokin Derelicts?

With some help from player "Equixor", we both figured out, mainly he when looked to the derelicts and asked himself and investigated, that even though the profile stats on map xp were capped, the derelicts were/are NOT a part of map xp cap. Make a key per mission type or type that you feel like you haven't done and see if they, like our SABOTAGE and MOBILE DEFENSE, are lit blue and are incomplete. the little LOCKS over the node prevent them from being incomplete and blue lit.

Sit at endgame long enough, twiddling your four thumbs, and you forget some things. Am I right?

Hopefully this lil' PSA helps SOMEONE, including support staff.

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