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Prisma Pedestal


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I won't accept anything less than Prisma Vandal Wraith Mara Dex Dragon Vaykor Telos Synoid Secura Rakta Sancti Pedestal Prime. it should have every one of the textures associated with those weapon types on it at once, making it look like a total mess, and it should cost 100 million credits and 100,000 Ducats. each.

only then will we truly ascend to the highest level of fashionframe!


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3 часа назад, hellodownthere сказал:

nah needs to be 100,000 oxium, 50,000 nitain, 30,000 mutagen samples and 9,000 radiant senturium and heart nyth. Only when it costs this much will i accept it... maybe 1 credit too.

omg, and i were farmng 100,000 cryotic T_T

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