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"Tactical" Warframe, Weapon, and Item Ideas


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It was late last night, my girlfriend with whom I usually game was in the hospital (nothing serious), and I found myself exploring the forums for kind of the first time.

Being new to the forums, I stumbled onto a post in "General" called "What concept for a Warframe would you like to see introduced?"  That thread can be found at this link: 

After getting to know the forums a tad better, I realized that this is the proper place to actually present this kind of content....thus a re-posting with some editing and refinement. 

I've had a few ideas kicking around for a while, but I only now got to writing them down and presenting them to the forums.  A thing about my personality to frame (pun intended) these concepts, I used to be a competition marksman...and I spent all of my professional life doing the things I loved in the military.  Whereas some people's imagination and immersion are hooked by noble swordsmen or dark revenants, what really opens up my mind are unique reinterpretations of modern, recent past, or near-future military concepts.  Something that is severely lacking for someone like me is representation of such military concepts in Warframe....Vaubaun is great, and Rhino kind of turned into the "rifleman" of Warframe, but there's no sniper, there's no dedicated rifleman (in the same vein as Mesa is a gunfighter), etc.  Thus, when my imagination got going last night, I put a few of these concepts into rough outlines in ways that I could see fitting the amazing universe of my favorite video game.  If any of these were ever to see reality, I would have to ask for "Carl" / "Carla," as we have no frame that synergizes with sniper rifles fully....and it's the one I could most identify with as a player.  Even if I get around to outlining an idea for a "marksman frame" (which I would call "Lones" after Olympic champion Lones Wigger), I would prefer to see Carl in game.

Further, I could see the "need" for frames like these increasing if we start to see content that places players into larger scale pitched battles in open world environments, presumably with "The New War," "Railjack," and "Fortuna."

Anyway, let me know what you guys think, and without further adieu, I present my first four "tactical frames."

  • A sniper-themed warframe, called either "Carl" or "Carla" in honor of the father of the American sniper program, Carlos Hathcock.  Also, the name "Carl" is something of a military meme, in general....
    • Powers
      • Passive: Recon - Stealth while stationary, grants a radius of stealth to allies. Also increases damage of "dagger" weapons similarly to Excal with swords.
      • 1: Spotter - Similar to Mesa's 2 in that it boosts firearm damage, but instead of jamming enemy weapons it will show enemies through walls similarly to "sense danger."
      • 2: Suppressor / Compensator - Switches between modes that either silences all weapons noise or increases crit chance on firearms.
      • 3: Sniper Crawl - Carl goes prone (able to crawl at a bit less than Ivara-speed), becomes invisible by deploying his Void-enhanced ghilli suit, and increases weapon accuracy, range, projectile speed, and punch through significantly for all firearms.  Unlike other "stealth" frames, Sniper Crawl will be cast once without channeling, toggling, or being timed.  The limiting factor would be the decrease in mobility rather than power usage.
      • 4: Drag Bag: Carl becomes stationary and deploys his exhaulted sniper rifle, "White Feather."  White Feather is a bolt-action single shot large caliber sniper rifle meant for use against enemy commanders at long range.  Imagine it as a slower Vectis, with more power than a Lanka, and a unique "sniper combo effect" that counts every kill throughout a mission (non-deteriorating), applying a small base or true damage multiplier based on the number of kills with this weapon throughout a mission.  This is the .50cal of Warframe, and changes the mobility conventions within the game by limiting movement when used.
    • Weapons that are released with him
      • A silenced medium power pistol, which would stand somewhere between the Lato and the Lex, but be highly crit-focused as to encourage single-shot headshot kills at medium to close range.  This pistol would be geared toward "sentry removal," and based on the H&K Mk 23.  Bonus point for adding a laser aiming module.  Clever names for this pistol would be plays on "Heckler and Koch," such as "Comedian," "Bad Audience," etc, or a Metal Gear reference like "Snakebite," the "Hayter," or with Kojima's latest presence at and long time inspiration of DE, the "Hide E.0."
      • A dagger, modeled after one of the famous blades of snipers.  Many people don't realize that in many ways, a sniper's knife is as or more important than his rifle, mainly used for utility purposes.  As the only "utility" we have for knives in Warframe is boxcutting, I'd recommend it be innately optimized for boxcutting, but this being Warframe it should be the best backstabbing option in the game....exceeding the current Balla zaw and the Rakta Dark Dagger.  Perhaps it should represent "utility" by allowing users to pass through booby traps and lasers while crouching with it deployed....like a less effective "Infiltrator" augment that any frame can use.  In-game model inspiration could come from the TOPS HOG 4.5 (designed for snipers, by a sniper / bladesmith), the Strider MT Mod 10 "Chuck Mawhinney" (at one time given at graduation of sniper training), almost any Busse or "Busse-kin" blade of appropriate design (Busse makes the best blades in the world, IMO), the Blackhawk / MOD Nightwing (a classic design the saw much love in the early years of OEF and OIF, and set a new standard for modern tactical blades), the Chris Reeve Green Berret / Yarburrough knife (not *entirely* appropriate as it's an SF thing, but it is a classic), the Cold Steel SRK or Recon Tanto (less flashy, but both blades are THE baseline benchmark for modern utility / combat knives, while holding that 1980s charm), or a Mercworx Sniper (because it seems to fit the Warframe aesthetic, though it's not one I've every owned or used).
      • A secondary weapon or gear item called a "Designator."  This is effectively a "spotting scope" mixed with a AN/PED-1 Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder (LLDR)...but we don't *really* have air strikes in Warframe yet, so think of the idea as more of a "Tau markerlight" from Warhammer 40k.  This weapon / item would not actually shoot, but would fire an unlimited range beam at a target, and increase the crit chance of other players while the beam was on it.  The affected target will appear "illuminated" to other members of the squad.  This would be great for Eidolon hunts and boss fights, and it balances itself out by effectively removing 1/4th of a squads firepower while it's being used. 

My next concept will be one that might kind of seem similar to my "sniperframe" suggestion "Carl / Carla," but it's very different.  Namely, we have frames that help replenish health, shields, and energy, but there's no way to keep ammo-hungry weapons going without either ammo mutation mods, or a potentially killable Carrier sentinel....the rifleman frame will aid with that, and more.

  • A "rifleman" themed warframe named after one of the most famous riflemen of all, Sergeant Alvin York.
    • Powers
      • Passive: Ammo Bag - York will slowly regenerate ammo for his primary and secondary weapons, and the ammo of allies within affinity range.
      • 1: Hustle Up! - York will increase his movement speed, and will continue sprinting even while shooting.
      • 2: Bayonet Charge - York summons an ethereal bayonet, which attacks a single enemy similarly to slash-dash, but with more puncture damage and having a 100% chance to knock down a target.
      • 3: Entrenchment Tool- Using his E-tool (carried like Harrow's Thruible, at Yorks side), York produces a "trench" of chest-high cover for himself and his comrades, from which they may more safely unleash the fury of the Tenno upon their enemies.  These will basically be "Tenno Blunts," and thus shorter than Atlas' 2, and deployed at variable lengths; the length of the cover would determine the amount of energy usage.
      • 4: Automatic Rifleman: A toggled ability, while active York's primary and secondary weapons receive a large increase to fire rate, draw from an infinite ammo pool, and do not require reloading.  Further, York will persistently and automatically throw out ammo packs to his allies while laying down heavy cover fire for their advance.
    • Weapons released alongside this frame
      • A Tenno assault rifle, similar to the Karak (the "Grineer M16," as it was once called), but with a 30 round magazine, a 0.7 sec reload speed, a focus on slash damage, and high status chance.  This rifle would have three selectable modes.  Semi will provide a scoped view and a sniper combo meter, and will be something of a "SCAR-H" designated marksman mode.  Burst mode will remove the scoped view for a standard rifle view, and fire a simple 3 round burst at an enemy for balanced damage.  Full auto will be unique in that it will slightly zoom out from the character while in ADS, replacing the crosshairs with an area-of-effect circle.  This weapon should feel very "tight" and "tactical," and make players want to move around corners like they're playing an old Rainbow Six game......but while being a crazy space ninja and clinging to the walls.  Clever names for this rifle might reference the designer of the AR15, Eugene Stoner, and go for names like the "Stone," "Stonewall," "Smoker," "Toker," "Midnight Joker" (okay the last couple were not serious, but you get the point).
      • A Tenno 1911.  Literally a 1911.  The joke being that the 1911 is still used that far in the distant future.  The Lato is already the Tenno M9, which would be more fitting for a rifleman, but seeing as his name is "York," a 1911 would be SUPREMELY FITTING.  But yeah....literally no changes, and it should even just be called the "1911" for the memes.  And to be entirely honest, I could totally see the 1911 still being used in some form (maybe using detonite rather than gunpowder?) at that point in the future.  Its description in the codex should read something like "A relic from a long lost Republic, deep in the ancient lost memories of humanity's past wars, this venerable sidearm has withstood the millennia to serve the Tenno."  Trust me, gun aficionados will love this.
      • A Tenno mortar deployed as a gear item.  We did finally get one of these with the Phantasma's secondary, but the Grineer "Mordas" make me want retribution.  This item deploys a 10 shot mortar that the player can interact with.  It launches a targeting drone which allows the player to target and fire on enemies when out in open areas (PoE, Fortuna, the maps that have high or no roof above you, etc).  This will be the first Tenno artillery piece.  Also, the drone in and of itself could be useful....perhaps a drone could be another gear item for another release....one that marks enemies, has a limited payload of sniper bullets, or can be flown at an enemy and blown up?  There are many possibilities, and the programming of one could be used in the other, thus decreasing work load for DE.

My next concept will be more traditional for Warframe, but will fill gaps that I see in gameplay.  You may see a theme that I would like more "tactical" gameplay with my space ninjas, while not at all detracting from the "science fantasy" aspect.

  • A "commando" based frame, which could be named after any number of people, but I'm going to go for something esoteric and old: the man who basically lived the life of "Big Boss" from the "Metal Gear" series in real life, the mercenary "Mad" Mike Hoare.
    • Powers
      • Passive: Lightning Reflexes - Mike specializes in close quarters battle (CQB, not CQC which is more thought of as a hand to hand thing), and will automatically duck and dodge the gunfire and melee attacks of enemies.
      • 1: Flashbang Grenade - Similar to "Radial Blind" and other such powers, Mike throws a grenade that stuns all enemies within a room.  These enemies are open to finishers and easy headshots.  Alternative Option: make this ability similar to Vaubaun's grenades / Ivara's 1, and have several selectable types of grenades, such as frag grenade (for anti-flesh), "molte-grenade" (similar to the "moltecoil" from Kuva Fortress Assault, but in grenade form and for anti-armor), smoke grenade (breaks line of sight with enemies, providing limited stealth cover), detonite grenade (napalm, anti-infested), and EMP grenade (anti-robotics, possibly temporarily shuts down beam weapons like Corpus Flux Rifles).  This could be a simple ability or a very in-depth one depending on balance issues.
      • 2: Double Tap: When activated, for 20 seconds Mike will produce 100% additional multishot to all firearms, and melee attacks will randomly produce finishers on enemies (bypassing shields and armor).
      • 3: Ballistic Shield - Mike will expand an ethereal ballistic entry shield from his left arm, which he will use in conjunction with his primary and secondary weapons.  Melee weapons will be locked out while this channeled ability if activated, but this shield will block 95% of head-on incoming gunfire, and 50% of head-on melee damage.  When the melee is used, Mike will perform a shield bash, with a 100% chance of knockdown.  Further, if a secondary weapon is equipped while channeling this ability, Mike can use the "interact" button to grab an enemy who gets too close, and use him as a living shield; taking a human shield hostage will cease draining energy for as long as the hostage is still being held / alive.  Enemies will decrease their rate of fire while engaging Mike when he has a human shield.
      • 4: CQB Master - Mike summons an exhaulted silenced submachine gun (please not modeled after the old, overrated, and boring MP5...just a matter of personal taste), called the "Ten-Commando" (a play on Mike Hoare's units, named "4 Commando" and "5 Commando," with "Ten-" obviously being a pun linking "Tenno" and "Commando").  While active, the Ten-Commando acts similarly to Ivara's Artemis Bow, expending energy only when firing.  Further, Mike's Passive "Lightning Reflexes" is massively boosted, dodging incoming fire at a far higher rate.
    • Associated Weapons
      • A Tenno carbine, similar to the a Colt Commando in concept, and focused on slash damage.  The weapon will always be fully auto, but will switch between two fire modes while with secondary fire.  The first mode will be a silenced mode, which will boast higher crit damage (for potential one-shot headshot kills) and a slower rate of fire.  The second mode will be alarming/loud, and will provide a higher fire rate and focus on status damage and a much farther damage falloff range.  A 1.0 sec reload speed and 60 round mag should make this weapon able to specialize in long range combat or short range sentry removal, depending on mod loadout. Potential names could be in reference to some of the users of this weapon in real world conflict.....which is basically every western special forces and security unit out there in some form....the many USAF units used a variant of the Colt Commando back in the days before the M4, from the old USAF Security Police (now "Security Forces" after the police and airfield defense roles were combined decades ago) to USAF SOF elements (TAC-P's, Special Operations Weather Technicians, STOs, CROs, pararescue, etc)......an aviation-sounding name could work....but that's just one tiny slice of the users....while I love the concept of this weapon in terms of gameplay for Warframe, it would be more appropriate to give "Mad Mike Hoare" in Warframe form a Tenno "FAL," but that's covered by the Latron and the Veldt....plus, battle rifles are better represented with the SCAR-H these days, anyway, and this is the "commandoframe," not just the "mercenaryframe."
      • A Tenno dagger.  I know I already had a dagger with "Carl," but this one is different.  This will be based on the Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife, and be mainly meant for use in quick attack.  Its attack speed will be exceedingly fast, with high puncture damage and very high crit chance.  However, it will have extremely short reach compared to other melee option, and thus synergize well with Mike's passive.  This is a "knife fighter's" knife, meant to kill enemy sentries at extremely close range.....and while stealth is always preferable, this dagger will be meant to directly tangle with an opponent who got too close.  Bonus points for an idle animation where the Tenno passes the knife from hand-to-hand, referencing one of the iconic motions of using this knife as designed.  Potential names would reference its origin with the SAS and OSS (in V-42 form), perhaps the "Sasser," or the like?
      • An equipment item that acts as a tenno satchel charge.  Hit it one time in your inventory wheel, and your character will throw it in an arc toward your crosshairs.  Hit the icon for the satchel charge again in your inventory to detonate it, for the biggest explosion by an exponential degree of all weapons in the game....however, it will self-damage, and it does additional damage in confined spaces (like in a room vs out in the PoE).

Though I have more ideas, this may be my last for the evening.  This one is one that I feel is sorely lacking, as our ONLY real option for an "infiltrator" warframe is our glorious thief, Ivara.  But not all stealth is thievery.  We also have Loki, who is a tricky support from with lower than average killing ability (none of his powers do actual damage), and while he was king for a long time, he's getting a tad long in the tooth.  Then we have Ash, who is VERY killy, but his niche is being a slower aromor-ignoring Mesa with the ability to slip out of notice and reappear for the attack...he's the literal "ninjaframe" in a game about space ninjas, yet you don't see him as much as you'd expect, nor is he as iconic as Excal or Rhino.  This is all great, but there's another kind of stealth that I try to have with Ivara, but just isn't there: the "black ops operative" style of stealthframe.  I want a Sam Fisher / Solid Snake style infiltrator, who mixes the best elements of a stealthframe, a gunfighter (Mesa), a backstabber, and a rifleman.  I want the Snakeframe, on a certain level, but this is Warframe....we don't just take things as they normally are....we put them through the Void and transform them into something amazing.  So, here is my take on an "black operative frame," inspired by history since WWI, and transformed into something Natah herself would have in her arsenal.....because this is a reflection of what she was.

  • This is the "black operative frame," the frame who breaks into the Corpus' Watergate hotel and shoots Sentient Mimic spies to death in back allies.  I think I'll call it "Sadoss," in reference to the mysterious Special Activities Division of the CIA, and the progenitor of the CIA at large, the OSS.
    • Powers
      • Passive: In Obscura - Sadoss appears disguised to all enemies beyond 15 meters, however Sadoss is not invisible.  Enemies can see Sadoss, and will react to hostile actions by Sadoss immediately, but so long as Sadoss is non-hostile to enemies, no aggression shall be incurred, and no alarms will be raised.
      • 1: Cloak - Sadoss becomes invisible until taking a hostile action towards an enemy.  This invisibility is neither timed nor channeled.
      • 2: Dagger - Sadoss performs a takedown with a dagger of pure void energy, silencing the target, and causing them to remain standing for several seconds allowing Sadoss to slip away from the scene of the assassination before witnesses realize anything is wrong.  This allows Sadoss to perform stealth kills directly in view of witnessing enemies without raising suspicion.  Upon discovery of the dead enemy, witnesses will see no obvious wounds and assume a heart attack has occurred.
      • 3: Surveillance - Sadoss launches a micro-drone swarm.  This Void-powered swarm provides vision on all enemies throughout a given area of a structure, or an extremely long range in line of sight.  The void drones are masked within the Void, and invisible until the power is toggled off, at which point they attach to their surveiled targets and provide one of several selectable effects (in the same way as Ivara, Vaubaun, or Kora).  The first selected effect is to apply a status effect to the enemies, who will immediately become partially alerted (the status effect will be equipped via primary weapon mods in the loadout screen before the mission).  The next ability will be to have the drones subvert security devices, like lasers, door traps, panic buttons, cameras, even Grineer Sensor Regulators.  This would provide an option other than Ivara with which to infiltrate Spy mission targets with relative ease.  The third ability of these drones would be a mass sleep-bomb, causing all sentries to fall asleep (like Ivara's Sleep Arrows and Equinox's Rest).
      • 4: Direct Action - Sadoss discards her passive ability, and instead gains partial stealth, cloaking her beyond 30 meters.  She draws an exhaulted silenced pistol, named "Discretion," that auto-targets enemies' heads with guided ammunition (similar to the Titanfall "Smart Pistol").  She may lock onto 5 separate targets at once in multiple directions, and eliminate them in a near instantaneous shot.  This ability will be channeled, and expend additional energy when firing.
    • Associated weapons
      • A Tenno Mac 10 as a secondary weapon.  It could be called the "Mc 10-0," and described as the weapon used by the Zarimen 10-0 security staff before the ship was lost.  For context, the Mac 10 is THE black ops weapon of the Cold War (on the West's side) due to how cheap it was to produce and how effective it was in close quarters surprise attacks.  The Tenno Mac 10, let's call it the "Gift," because it's always a surprise for the enemy, should be extremely high RoF (more like a Mac 11, perhaps), and produce balanced base damage.  Mag size should be 45, and reload speed should be almost Phantasma level....let's say 0.6 seconds.  The key of this weapon will be high RoF, low ammo economy, low crit chance, moderate status chance....but it makes up for its lackings with a wall of lead....it might be considered akin to the Viper, but more balanced in terms of damage.  It would have a secondary fire mode which makes the weapon silenced, at the cost of a degree of base damage.  This weapon should be an ideal weapon to dual wield with a melee weapon.  I'm torn on whether this weapon should actually be silenced or not....Mac 10s were commonly silenced, and if they weren't, then they would have a visually silencer-like handgrip that connects the same way a silencer would.....but at the same time, the heart-stopping horror of being in a random calm place, and suddenly hearing the rip of two or three Mac 10s tearing up a target is also iconic.  When not silenced, they would often have "hanger straps," which look like foregrips made of straps, but were really meant to hang them up for storage in an aircraft or other location.....well, I guess you could have the suppressor or foregrip, and still have the hanger strap attached.....but it wouldn't hang up quite as well.....I'm getting off topic now.....perhaps having two version of the same gun would be a solution....and allow for more visual creativity in their design. One could be a suppressed Mac 10, and the other a louder, lower damage, and faster-firing Mac 11.
      • Alternative for a secondary: Make it a Tenno MP7, which puts almost the power of a primary weapon into a secondary weapon style package (yes, I realize secondaries are generally stronger in this game....I find that weird, still).  A Tenno MP7 would provide rapid and precise firepower at relatively close range.  The weapon could have multiple fire modes, with single shot allowing for a scoped view (like the Arca Scissco), and full auto providing a conventional open sights view.  The weapon would be crit based, with balanced damage, a 50 round mag, an extremely fast reload of around 0.8 seconds, with extra crit damage from scoped headshots.  This weapon would be innately silenced, like the Baza.  The Baza would outperform this weapon in crit chance, but lack the versatility of making scoped shots.
      • A Tenno machete, as a melee weapon.  This one is a bit obvious, I suppose, due to machetes being so associated with all of the most messed up areas of the world.  This machete would go with Cyclone Kraken (the better stance), and would be 90% slash damage....rivaling the Galatine Prime in slash percentage.  This machete would synergize with the Tenno Mac 10, providing rapid surprise assaults even on alerted enemies.
      • A Tenno Karambit as an EXTREMELY short range and EXTREMELY fast high slash melee weapon.  This isn't necessarily connected with this frame, but this is just something I've desired ever since I started playing this game.  IMHO, the karambit is one of the best utility knives ever made, and it opens boxes like nothing else....but it is also used in martial arts (obviously), and is stylish as all get-out.  I was partially satisfied with the Balla zaw from an aesthetic standpoint, but that's just a "hawk-bill" knife, and not a true karambit....also, it does puncture damage, whereas a karambit should do slash.  In truth, karambits may require an entire separate category of weapon and a unique stance category....they certainly aren't daggers.....so I guess I'll probably have to wait on this one..... 😞

I [was] obviously getting tired [at this point], and I think I could have done better with this one....and I haven't come up with any gear for it yet.....but this is the rough concept for the "operative frame."  If I have better ideas, I'll post it as a new post later in this thread.

So, those are the four "tactical frames" I came up with last night.  As earlier alluded to, I also have ideas for other frames of similar ilk, including the aforementioned "marksman frame" which would focus on precision shooting and crit chance, an "artillery / fusilier frame" which would specialize in indirect weapons fire at long range, a "demolition frame" which would be about setting bombs and making massive explosions, a "radioman frame" who would be a buff-bot focused on team coordination and extending affinity range (Bless Trinity's best friend), an "officer frame" styled after 18th and 19th century infantry officers who would be mainly a support frame but also a duelist, a "SEAL frame" which would differ significantly from the Mike and Sadoss concepts, an "analyst (Jack Ryan) frame" who would show allies what enemy AI is about to do, a "Spetsnaz frame" which would admittedly be for the memes and super effective at sheer dps, a "musketman frame" who would summon massive volleys from the void, a "hashshashin / sicarii frame" which would be the stabbiest of the stabby (daggers and dual daggers need all the love they can get) and would be reminiscent of old "MLC" gameplay in CoD, a "hacker frame" which would cause environmental effects within entire tilesets by hacking the enemy's various systems, a "saboteur frame" who would debuff the enemy's equipment (think Mesa and Nova, taken to the next level), and many more than this one sentence can contain....there's room in Warframe for many, many more frames that diverge from the classic MMORPG tropes of tanks, support, and DPS.  I mean, I'm only looking at things that are conceptually out of modern-ish military concepts.....but imagine a "Roman legionary frame," a "Spartan frame," an "Aztec warrior frame," a "frontiersman / scout frame," etc....they would all have a place in the lore, too.  Need a scout in an austere environment?  Send that frontiersman frame to establish the initial beach head and map the land.  And while some of these frames may seem less player-friendly, that opens up a new concept that DE has yet to explore beyond the "Tenno Operative:" NPC Tenno.  Some frames could potentially be NPC-only, and provide a supporting role to the players throughout missions.  Say a "hacker frame" gets captured and its Tenno is stuck in a Continuance loop caused by the Worm Queen...send a player squad to rescue him.....you could even partially reuse the current rescue mission assets, and just make the rescue target a warframe.  Anyway, I'm getting a tad off topic, here.

Let me know what you guys think of my above concepts for warframes, weapons, and equipment.  Carl is my favorite by far, but I could see the others being great additions, too.  Also, feel free to share any "tactical frame" ideas you might have that I haven't thought off.  I'd love to hear about them!

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7 minutes ago, Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3 said:

Holy mackerel!

Is the wall of text too much?  Sorry, I'm not an artist in the least....I could maybe post a picture of my Warhammer 40k Lias Issodon model (Raptors Chapter "Chapter Master") as a stand-in for "Carl?"  Admittedly, even he isn't fully painted 😛

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  • 1 month later...

You ask, So i answer. I'm gonna touch up that sniper-frame of yours.

  • Hathock "Inspired by long-range fighters of old, Hathock performs exceptionally well at taking out single targets at a distance."
    • Passive: Recon; Hathock gains increased range before damage falloff with rifle weapons. you and allies in range (dictated by affinity share range) learn the locations of enemies every 3 seconds when stationary. (Since their 3 already has a cloak function, it'd be best if allowing allies to cloak too would be an augment for the ability.)
      • Ability 1: [sorry can't think of a name]; Hathock places a sensor that allows him and allies to see enemies through surfaces. Hathock gains (x) Punch-through for his guns for the duration of the ability.
      • Ability 2: Attachments; Hathock switches between either supressing his guns, making them silent, or using a compensation device on them that reduces recoil and increases crit damage on headshots.
      • Ability 3: Reposition; Hathock goes prone and activates their cloak, causing them to blend in with the enviroment. movement is slower in this state, but stealth finisher damage is greatly increased, with additional damage being added to knives.
        • Reposition Augment: Squad Reposition; Allies within (x) range of Hathock while crouched gain cloak.
        •  Ability 4: White Feather; Hathock plants themselves in place and starts using their powerful exalted sniper rifle. movement is disabled while White Feather is active, but Reposition's movement speed is increased while both are active. (White Feather can't be shot while both are active, to keep within the spirit of the original version of the ability.)

So there's my little writeup of a V2 for your sniper-frame. I hope you like the changes i made.

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The idea of a "tactical" frame is pretty cool, but there's a bunch of problems with your approach compared to a vastly superior one which I'll link to:

1. Basing it so heavily on individual real-life soldiers, of any nation, is a bad idea, because there's no real mythos to be invoked. The player isn't supposed to be some random dude who fought in this war or that war and happened to be good at it. They're supposed to be the high concept of martial prowess made manifest, which is why they evoke the imagery of either mythological figures, or concepts as a whole.

A good example of this is the poster boy, Excalibur. Yes, he happens to have the best sword in the entire game, and one of the best melee weapons period, as one of his abilities, but he's also got things which reflect the image of a knight in shining armor, such as his decently tanky stats and, probably most creatively, his Radial Blind. There's none of that in these concepts of yours, which are all excessively narrow sub-categories of the same exact theme. I don't look at these and think "Wow what a neat way of evoking the spirit of the Special Forces while staying true to Warframe's principles." I look at these and think "Wow this sounds so much like one of those futuristic Call of Duty games, or maybe Mass Effect if we're being charitable."

Real people and real wars are also under constant scrutiny from multiple perspectives, so I'd rather DE not pointlessly invite negative PR by "honoring" or "endorsing" such polarizing things.

2. I'm really not feeling these abilities and weapons. I suppose you cranked them out like an assembly line with no regard as to whether said abilities would be interesting or fun, because the ideas you propose have a very "generic military shooter" feel. Some of them seem overpowered, some of them seem pointless, but all of them are incredibly bland and unimaginative and "tacticool." Warframe isn't that kind of game. You play as an anime protagonist teenager piloting a robotic space ninja wizard and armed with the kind of weaponry that makes Games Workshop raise their brows.

3. Ushtar is much more deserving of being added to the game, not because it's much older, but because it's had a lot of effort and refinement put into it over those years, which your collection of concepts sorely lacks. I'd even go as far as to say that it's objectively better than anything in your post. Importantly, it is an attempt to tailor-fit the concept of Special Forces as a whole to Warframe's core gameplay, which is something you've failed to do.


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