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We need a planet that is true end game to veteran of warframe

(XBOX)Umbra Howl

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We need different AI, not the same predictable stuff over and over again. Sanctuary Onslaught and Sorties provide the type of higher lvls you speak of and they're answered the same predictable way. So why not have the new planet, with new enemies. Fewer of them if they eat up too many programming resources, but with a variety and complexity to them not seen yet. Something like Nox was a step vaguely in the right direction, but I feel like advanced AI is the elephant in the room not discussed nor developed that's held Warframe back for years.

I'd like more complex groupings, that take more time to kill and you feel their presence in the game. Sort of like what invasions and syndicate intrusions were supposed to be only better. I feel no weight or threat from enemies in the game at all. I'd like more layering in the confrontations before stuff just melts. Stages of complexity in the encounter.

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Sentient planet, with the whole sentient faction as enemies.
Since they can adapt to fighting styles.

Suggestion to AI changes/ improvements.

Sentient will detect your warframe type, if you are using Excal Umbra with blinding ability, they will detonate on death
in attempt to kill you when you melee them.

If you are using melee attacks actively, sentient will rapidly move away in attempt to
run out of your reach and uses automatic weapons to mow you down.

If you are using self-damage weapons, sentient will rush closer to you to prevent you from
using the weapon.

If you are using any invincibility/ damage reduction buff, sentient will at random use nulifier abilities to de-buff you.

New enemy type - Doppelganger 
Sentient enemy that will mirror your current warframe, sentinel and weapons, you will be fighting a clone of yourself.
The stronger you are the harder it fights, you use crit build the enemy will be granted crit build as well.

a 6 forma weapon with Riven will be used against you if you choose to bring that to battle.

If you are using mesa with peacemaker you will be greeted with equal and opposite enemy.

Limbo in rift will have the enemy which also can enter the rift.

Ivara will be greeted with sleep arrow from enemy that put your warframe to sleep.




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vor 9 Stunden schrieb ikkabotz:

Something like Nox was a step vaguely in the right direction

Have to disagree with you on that one. Sure they were new for a while, but once you got to know them they're like every other enemy in the game and always execute the exact same of behaviour with the right trigger. Same with Ghouls. So I don't think they were a step in any direction, just more of the same. I fully agree with you on the part that the game needs better AI, right now enemies are 100% predictable and never change anything. It would even be a start if it was as simple as enemies using their melee weapons they all have to engage a Zephyr that cannot be hit with guns 😄 . Although that would technically be predictable too it would atleast show some form of adapting 😉

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