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Eidolon super annoying bugs


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( side note, this was on PS4, but for some reason the forums think I'm a PC player and won't let me post there )

Just had the worst experience when trying ( emphasis on trying ) to take down a Gantulyst.

On two different occasions, on the *same* hunt, vombs spawn under the ground while restoring shield to the Eidolon, making it impossible to kill them.

Only solution seems to be waiting. The happened *twice* on the same hunt.

Then, again, on the same hunt, the Gantulyst decides to walk against a huge rock, causing his knee ( last missing Synoiva ) to get stuck inside the rock making it impossible to shoot.


These bugs as extremely frustrating especially consider that we have to wait 1h40m for each nigh cycle to come. Please fix this DE 😞


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