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Mind over Mission: To be Strong or Not to be Strong


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I just watched a video on youtube, where the speaker spoke about the many issues of warframe. He talked about the community, update cycles, but for the most part, he really talked about a general balance sense in a PvE game. I'm certain this conversation has come up many times before, however, I can't help but share some thoughts and ideas. most of the come from personal experience, and if this game ever gets "end-game".

So which is it people? Shall we storm through grineer galleys like the average plebs most of us are (probably me too), or should we aim to look for a true end-game. As we get stronger do you think we should be able to continue to cast our enemies away and strive towards something greater, a weapon meant to bring sentient to their knees (if they have them), or should we just sit and grind... day after day, a slow, churning, monotonous cesspool of credits, minerals, blue prints and focus trees, always aiming for the gold braces and and useless padding for our war machines. Maybe its for the new weapons and gear, or maybe its to say, "hey, look at what I've got." 

The game needs to be balanced, one way or another. Enemy scaling sucks, everyone knows that, but people have asked for changes for years and not change. I have always wanted to fight level 100 enemies and just have it feel more of a challenge instead of, wow I got one shot by that mob, what a fun interaction. Where is the shield gating btw? 


I accidentally submitted this This is not ready... I will rewrite this later.

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