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Dojo Feedback Video (mostly bugs and fixes)


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Hello DE and people that care about Dojos.  @[DE]Danielle

With the DE Dojo Remaster Competition I am very happy with how far dojos have come, but showcasing them has also left me with a lot of feelings about needing to address glaring issues with them.  As I promised in the dojo remaster contest thread, I have indeed come to you with what I consider to be valuable and constructive feedback.

Please pay attention, most of what I'm mentioning is bugs and quick fixes not pie in the sky projects that divert resources forever from other more important releases.

If you are someone that cares about dojos or finds what I have said here useful, please leave something in the comments, if you have something that hasn't been addressed, please be sure to add it to the comments as I'm going to be doing a part 2 also and I'd like to make any feedback videos as comprehensive, informative and inclusive as possible.


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