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Mesa build questions using new mods coming in PC mainline?



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Assuming Vigorous Swap is Base Damage it would provide more damage output than a Power Strength mod for the 3 second duration it's active which also assumes Peacemaker activates the mod but once that 3 seconds is over it's just granting weapon swap speed. I feel if you were going to make use of Vigorous Swap then it would be near mandatory that you also use Anemic Agility over Hornet Strike on the weapon. Normally it's more of a preference outside armored enemies.

I did a few comparisons.

Peacemaker 210% Power + Gallery + Hornet
50 ( 1 + 1.5 * ( 2.1 + 0.525 + 2.2 ) =  411.88
Peacemaker 155% Power + Gallery + Vigorous Swap + Hornet
50 ( 1 + 1.5 * ( 1.55 + 2.2 + 0.3875 + 1.65 ) = 484.06
Peacemaker 155% Power + Gallery + Vigorous Swap + Anemic
50 ( 1 + 1.5 * ( 1.55 + 0.3875 + 1.65 - 0.15 ) = 307.81 * ~1.9

Anemic would be near mandatory because of the ramp multiplier tied to Peacemaker's continued firing which is also why I'd be hesitant to use the mod for how I play Mesa. If most of what you do is the jumping spinning Turret method than that setup would be decent but the more you have to focus a target down the more time you're going to spend shooting and thus lose that damage bonus while resetting Peacemaker will also lose your ramp bonus. The mod seems like it more or less levels out the ramping effect of Peacemaker. Some might want that  esp lower levels but I think it would hurt her for longer runs.

Rapid Resilience Vs Rolling Guard probably won't make much difference even when used in conjunction with the weapon swap speed of Vigorous Swap. With Rapid Resilience you take 2.5 Bleed ticks no matter what since the first tick of a Bleed proc is not affected by Status Duration. The moment a bleed proc occurs you take 2 ticks which is faster than I think most could react by rolling, esp if you're in Peacemaker at the time. So for bleeds I don't see it helping but for Burning / Toxic it would be more productive though in my experience when you're dealing with Burning it's a Firebomb or Napalm erasing Mesa and with Toxic it's because I let Infested get to close. 3 sec of Invulnerability can for sure save her from some of that radial damage she's weak against but rolling normal damage she survives like a pro already. A more active counter measure does seem appealing though it's stacking more work which fits a Duration build Mesa more than an Efficiency build which has to upkeep buffs more often.

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