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The potential of Alt-fire


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I think we could get a lot more fun and interesting stuff out of Alt-fire. A few examples:

What if we had a secondary where Alt fire switched what was held in the off hand? For example, you could rotate between using it by itself and using two of them, with stat changes to reflect it? One for more effective longer range sniping, and 2 for all out close ranged assault?

what about a weapon + shield melee where Alt fire changes between an offensive and defensive stance? Let's say the shield folds up nicely like our current sword and board ones do, but is much larger. It functions like a normal sword and board in offense, but in defense it slows your movement and attacks, but the massive shield acts like a wall and completely blocks attacks from that direction against you and any teammates standing behind you? (While actively blocking)

I love versatility in my weapons, which is why I love lots of weapons that already have alt fire mechanics. But why stop at different projectiles or switching between auto and semi-auto?

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