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Mission failure in ESO? And...


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Was doing some "charity" work in public ESO with Saryn last night and in zone 5 the host left. No big deal, that "changing host" right in the middle of the focus farming resetting all your buffs and making you lose that 5k just because... but the game fail to change the host, throw me out of the instance, gave me the "mission failure" status and i was short 150k focus in my cap - and didn't give me the farmed focus, just remove the amount i farmed in the session from the cap.

Is that a thing in public sessions? I make solo for months by now and never bother joining public because normally is slower to cap the daily focus - and it never bugged or "fail", in public i only had the normal "host problems" (lag, lag spikes, useless operator because lag, useless skills that spawns something because lag, and a bit more of lag issues, etc.). And i forgot about the logs too... and searching for something similar i could not find any other case. Anyone else had something similar happening?

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11 hours ago, (PS4)xtharbadx said:

When I get those problems with host migrations, usually it will show the result of the previous mission instead of the one that glitched.

Maybe the "mission failed" wasn't ESO but rather whatever mission you did previously?

The thing is the cap reduced, computing the 150K focus already farmed - and not giving me the profits. The "mission failed" was generic, without numbers. What it confirms the "failure" is the fact that the lato receiver rolled in round two was not in my inventory after. Very strange and unique, never see something like this happening - can be related with the server upgrades to, who knows. 

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