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Orokin Tower


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So while I was hanging out in Cetus I had a thought, Im sure others have had it as well but here goes.

I think an interesting idea to utilize the Orokin Tower would be to introduce a tower climb level progression Mission. 

-Work your way up through stages going as far as you can. Level bosses as certain points. Maybe adding unique story and more background with the Orokin (I know theres plenty, but I enjoy when the story is in the game with some form of driven story) 

-Add unique loot only available through the tower, furnishing, shaders, and such that broaden the general loot drops beyond mods and materials. MAYBE even newer parts for making different Amps. Or Orokin era Operator armor/outfits

I don't have a ton of ideas for this, It sorta just popped in my head and wanted to put it down somewhere.

By all means Any suggestions anyone wants to add put em here 

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