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Relic Run Price Calculator


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I'm looking for people to test an app for PC, it will calculate the current prices of the items you open at the end of a relic run.

You choose the number of members in your squad then click 'CALCULATE'. After price matching your items with the buy orders on warframe.market, it will list the items and highlight the best option in platinum.


Bug Testing

  • I have been working on this app for three days so I have yet to check if it works for all prime items.
  • Today I found that the '&' in 'Silva & Aegis Prime' did not calculate correctly. An easy five minute fix. These are the types of bugs I am looking for.
  • Different screen resolutions. I have been testing this on my 1920x1080 monitor. If you play in a different resolution please test it and report any bugs here with your screen resolution and a screenshot.


  • Running the app on a second monitor will help streamline the process.
  • Click 'CALCULATE' as soon as the reward screen appears to give the app time to run. Shouldn't take more than 5-6 seconds.

Installation and Usage Details

  1. Download the app here and extract to an easily accessible folder.
  2. Run the RelicCalculator.exe.
  3. Start up a relic run in Warframe, preferably with as many players as possible.
  4. At the end of the mission when the reward selection screen appears click 'CALCULATE'.
  5. Wait a few seconds for the app to calculate and price match the items.

Future Updates and Features

I have several ideas for speeding up the calculation process. I wanted to release an early version to get feedback before I continue developing. If you have any ideas for improving the app whether it be visual, programming or implementation they will be very much appreciated.

Discord Channel for updates, bugs and feedback.

If a similar tool already exists let me know!

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17 минут назад, ShadowCryptic сказал:

Awesome, I had a feeling that was probably going to be something similar out there. Will check it out thanks.

check it and make ur version better pls 😄 cause as i said - as for me it was buggy, with strange prices and even pricechecks on some places except reward screen)

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