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WTS Primes, Mods, Etc...


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I got a bunch of stuff I want to sell, and hope posting here will get some more eyes on it.

Mirage Prime Set: 50p

Kavasa Prime Collar Blueprint: 20p

Kavasa Prime Collar Band: 20p

Limbo Prime Systems Blueprint: 10p

2 Valkyr Prime Blueprints: 15p each

Valkyr Prime System Blueprint: 15p

Valkyr Prime Neuroptics Blueprint: 25p

Euphona Prime Blueprint: 10p

Kronen Prime Blueprint: 5p

Pyrana Prime Barrel: 10p

Mantis Fuselage: 20p

Rank 8 Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation: 100p

Unranked Primed Pressure Point: 75p

Unranked Pandero Deci-zetidra Riven Mod (+7.1% Fire Rate, +10.1% Status Duration, -9% Weapon Recoil, -6.4% Zoom): 100p

Veiled Pistol Riven Mod: 20p


Prices flexible.  Will also trade for Primed Continuity, Banshee Prime Systems, Banshee Prime Chassis, and Nyx Prime Chassis.

Edited by (PS4)Eradose
Incorrectly listed an item. Another item on list has been sold.
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