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Nyx Prime's Chaos unusable everywhere but the Simulacrum


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It's as the subject says; when I'm in public or private missions, Nyx Prime's Chaos refuses to work as intended.

I can cast the ability, the sound and animation plays perfectly, but the hologram of Nyx does not appear in front of any enemies within its range, nor does the usual duration timer for the ability appear over its icon after being cast. Enemies are, 50% of the time, stunned briefly as though the ability is working; but they immediately go back to being normal within a few seconds. The other 50% of the time, nothing happens at all.

However, whenever I test my Nyx Prime out in the Simulacrum the ability works perfectly fine, as if nothing is wrong.

I've tried everything from verifying the game cache to trying the game out on Steam (I play the standalone version for personal reasons). This bug follows me on both versions.

It should be noted that base Nyx's Chaos works perfectly fine. This seems to be a problem exclusive to Nyx Prime.

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