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[Feauture Request] Docking Orbiter to Clan


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Seamless way to enter Dojo from the orbiter.


Various reasons - like getting more life into the Dojo, encourage a well made Dojo architecture, increasing individual to clan (social) connections.



I always adored the Dojo-system at WF - but I actually never came to a point, where I could enjoy it, The Dojo of ours is - despite the active clan members - almost or entirely empty. To encourage decent Dojo designs and increase the value of dojo decorations and architecture, I'd suggest that the effort to enter the dojo, should be minimal.


To reduce server loads, the clan could be forced to build a hangar-room, which allows up X (lets say 10) players to unlock a teleport-device on their orbiter.

  • Additional hangers has to be built to increase the amount of players - excessively high amount can/should be bought or rented with Platinum.
  • Individuals can buy/rent a slot for X (lets say 3) days - up to the amount of players of what the hanger can support  - first come, first serve.

The clan-leaders can set up rules for ranks as well and might reserve slots for some ranks.

I think this would be a nice addition and a fitting feature, which would encourage more people to build decent dojos than "Dojo-competetion" events we have these days. Since these competitions are rather "1 time effects" and many people think "they can't compete anyways" they often see the dojo as a tool, not as a home as it is. But if the dojo becomes a place you identify yourself and your clan with, it becomes precious - for the friend-sized clan of 10 people, as well as the rich moon clan - another lategame content to accomplish.


 THX to @Firetempest for redirect

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