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Star Chart Progress - It's causing confusion


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I've made a thread in General Discussion and as I've explained to many players in game I thought a thread will help spread more awareness.

I'll be using this wiki provided image to explain the problem:

If you do not own the key for the mission it will show up as "Unavailable mission" even if you have it completed or it's a mission you need to complete to progress on your star chart. This has created confusion among many players already.

Cause for concern:
When trying to quick search how to find out which nodes you are missing you are directed to a thread on reddit over a year old saying you should submit a support ticket for DE to resolve the matter.

Possible Quick Fix Solution:
My suggestion would be to highlight all missions that have yet to be completed on the star chart at least one with a blue outline, despite if they have the keys for the missions or not. So for example in the above image you'll see "unavailable mission" with a filled inner of black and the white outline as blue instead of white.

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