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Fortuna and Orb Vallis


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They are having enough trouble getting the mainline update out with melee 3.0 cut from it. I suspect mid November. They still need to set up the hype train and twitch event for their partners and that needs at least a week or two of advertisment before that kicks off.

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Well, we will find out. When i refelct all the Updates this Year, it seems, that there are different teams working on specific parts of the Game. Remember what was changed on UI in this year for example. Some Bugs returned after a Update (Eidolon fight for example) and my explenation is, that the teams differ in their programming and when it is released they might relay on some code, a other team has already changed.

The last mainline Update was 2,9GB that is huge for a update in relation to the changes. In my case 850MB where purged with the Cacheoptimization. On Tennocon was noted that Fortuna / Orb Vallis will be a 4,5GB Update and will have a lot of new contend. If you compare both, you will agree, that the Mainline Update is huge.

My suggestion is, after the Cetus / Plains of Eidolon update a lot of things did not work as intendet, so maybe parts of the Fortuna update are already delivered and only available for Keyplayers and Partners (with a special contract) for betatesting. Then all the finetuning for Fortuna / Orb Vallis is based on the Mainline Update and some Features (launch Archwing instand) are needed for Fortuna (K-Drive launch).

By the way, if you go to the Strata Relay on earth you can see some Solaris Peopele hanging around.

This is just a suggestion what might be, but i think the release is realy close...

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