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QoL addition to Frost's abilities.Duration timer.


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A lot of Frosts abilities have duration like:

Avalanche-duration of freeze

Ice wave (IW impedance augment)-duration of frozen trail.

Freeze -also has duration but this ability isnt that significant to this topic.

I play CC Frost as my main build for him and absence of duration timer on hud or icon for ice wave impedance trail duration and avalanches freeze duration is something I'm bothered about every time I play.DE added much of these visual stat indicators to many warframes and abilities but it seems they overlooked  this on Frost.

To me, personally, this info is very important.

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another HI-larious debuff brother? amazing! 
(don't forget that Freeze brings another Slow to Frost, it's useful for kicking your Slows into high gear on a Priority Target D:)

Duration indicators for Ice Wave Impedance, Freeze patch, and Avalanche(are you sure there isn't already one? i rarely use this Ability since Slows are better than freezes) would be nice, sure.

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