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Reflections on 3K hrs of WF


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My Steam acct. says I've Played nearly 3000 hours of WarFrame, and I had some Feedback I wanted to Share w/ DE.  It appears they prefer a forum post, so here we go:

First off, I must praise DE for an AMAZING game that is literally Free to Play--and in my humble opinion, THE Role-Model for how Free2Play is DONE.  It is very difficult to get a nice Balance of encouraging purchases--cuz we all hafta eat!--w/o going to EA lengths, e.g.  I must again commend you, DE, for an excellent job of this.

Even more so, the fact that there are SOOO MANY weapons (not to mention WarFrames) that are Balanced so well that there are constant and continuing debates about which one is best in each category, proves how well you've Balanced them all.  For most Games, there are clear and obvious Best In Class™ for everything, but w/ WF, there are always a variety of Tools to use to get the desired result.  There will always be Power-Creep and other things, but I think that DE has done a better job on this than any and all other Games I can think of.

Again, I must give DE MAD PROPS for the aforementioned, alone.  So passionate have I been about this that I have sometimes trolled Destiny youtube vids (and not the only WF Player to rightly do so 😉)  Having said that, there are only really a couple of criticisms I have:

It would be nice if there were more Tutorials in the game itself, but honestly, if new players can just be told that they MUST use warframe.wikia & warframe.market (for price checks), this is covered.  I recall missing several pieces of Inaros's Abilities until I looked him up on the wikia.  Plus having Helpful Clannies always Helps 😉

The primary and only other problem I have w/ WF is in the quality control of the technology.  I learned early to always re-Verify & re-Optimize my caches, and I don't mind glitches for the most part.  Except the Game-Breaking ones--e.g., things that force me to Alt-F4 out, cause me to Lose all my Fissure Drops, inability to squad up w/ Clannies after trying for over half an hour, etc.  I won't bore you with what I've posted elsewhere, already (under the most recent Update's notes), but when WF will not work, I--like many--go away and Entertain ourselves w/o WF.  I get so many Game-Breaking Glitches that I have a Rule now that I take a break from WF after 3 Game-Breaking Glitches in a single gaming session, and it's really sad and unfortunate how many times that happens. And no, my Gaming Sessions should NOT be shorter LOL

I LOVE WarFrame, and would like to spend more time here.  Space-Ninjas, y'all! And it's FREE!!!  I'd just really like to see a higher emphasis on "Fixing what you already have, before putting out more."  Look at what putting stuff out early does--EA forces Mass Effect: Andromeda out, and now BioWare is basically done.  Ubisoft does this ALL the time, as w/ many AAA companies.  But look at Rockstar.  Look at Blizzard.  Nintendo.  These companies release new content WHEN IT'S READY and not a second before, and consumers wait for it.  Why?  Because they know it's WORTH the wait.

When WarFrame's Quality Control hits the same level as the other aforementioned Exemplary Qualities of Balance, etc., I really feel this will take DE to the next level.  I look forward to that day 🙂

Thanks, and Keep up the Great Work, DE!!!!



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I'm going to second everything here, but wanted to add that going back and doing a few passes over original content shows a willingness to support (insert here) -- support your game, support your fans, support your vets. There are times WF feels like a jenga tower. Would be nice to patch some of those long-existing issues.

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Fair criticism, but I think the QA you look forward to in DE will never be at the level of the other companies you mentioned. First off, because they just not have the budget of a AAA game, but second, because the game is F2P and needs to update fast to stay alive. DE has mentioned this a few times before (I think the Noclip documentary has some good statements about that), for them to keep making enough money, they have not much leeway in taking their time to develop and QA. Steve mentioned this as well on the last DevStream, noone feels the content drought as much as them. Every week they don't update the game is a week, where less and less platinum purchases are made.

In my opinion (and I think that is the paradigm that DE is basing their actions on), it is not feasible for them, to put everything they develop through very long times of QA. Instead, they do a decent amount and leave the rest up to us PC players. I know that people joke a lot about Warframe being in endless beta, but I think that is really what is defining this F2P model Warframe chose and it seems to be working, though sometimes upsetting a portion of their players.

If you want to have a feel on what the longer QA phases would be like, just try to play on console for a few months (if you have one) or follow when and how often they get updates. Because that is exactly what they do on consoles (though for other reasons).

And I just want to clarify, I do not intend to justify or defend DE's actions, I am as much a victim of harmless and harmful bugs as any other. There are some updates where I too think to myself that a week or two more would have been better for certain content (looking at you Specters of the Rail). I solely try to view the situation from a realistic standpoint, because they of course need to make money to continue developing Warframe and the last thing any WF player wants, is for them to shut down.

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