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Host Migration Bug Causing Mission Rewards to be Lost.


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Okay, so i just did an Tridilon Hunt, on the Plains of Eidilon, finished a 3 stage capture, got the end of the mission, host for some unknown reason disconnects, host migration happens, im sent back to my orbiter with no rewards, no exp, nothing. 40 minutes of my time just wasted for nothing. this is not only happening in Plains of Eidilon hunts, but also in Radshare void relic missions, in Exp farming missions, almost everything that relies on a team. This bug never used to happen, if someone host migrated it would simply migrate then return you to your game, i dont know what is going on, but it needs to be adressed, since its happening more often than not. and its starting to piss me off, excuse the french. #Bugframe

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