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Syndicate Death Squad Feedback


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Currently if you gain too much hate from a syndicate all they do is send a death squad after you, this death squad varies from syndicate to syndicate:

New Loka: Ancient Eximus, Very powerfull, a good amount of fun.

Red Veil: Eximus Chargers, now chargers are pretty weak, eximus are just slightly stronger, however, the red veil are supposed to be assasins, so why do they even threaten and alert us that they will attempt to kill us?

Perrin Sequence: They send eximus moas, not very tough, deal average damage, not a threat eitherway.

Cephalon Suda: Sends Drones to kill us, extremely dangerous and extremely easy to destroy, they deal incredible damage, making them a significant threat, a good death squad overall, although they are a bit too soft.

Arbiters of Hexis: They send Corrupted Lancer Eximus units after us, medium armor, medium damage, quite slow. Not very threatening unfortunetly.

Steel Meridian: Eximus Rollers, the absolute weakest eximus death squad in the game, all they can do is stun you. They are only a real threat if you ever get attacked by them in a small 5x3m area.

TL;DR Death Squads need to be spiced up.

So I have the idea of adding a third tier of consequence. (Consequence tiers are the tiers of negative standing) as well as replacing some of the units or improving them if not.

New Loka: T1 sends New Loka Operatives in a Squad Size no castanas allowed. T2 adds Ancient Eximus Units as well. T3 Increases their numbers to platoon size.

Red Veil: T1 sends Red Veil Operatives in a squad size. T2 adds chargers eximus units as well. T3 Allows red veil operatives to become invisibile ocasonally and to attack invisible players.

Perrin Sequence: T1 sends a slightly tougher bursa than the average one. T2 sends two bursas. T3 Sends 3 bursas and a Datalyst

Cephalon Suda: T1 Sends Suda Operatives in a squad size. T2 adds small Helios Allies that actually look like smaller suda variants to the Suda Operatives to aid them with shields. T3 Also adds Attack Drones with armor.

Arbiters of Hexis: T1 sends Hexis Operatives in a squad size, there's a 80% chance they will be using akboltos and 20% chance they will be using boltors. T2 also adds Corrupted Lancer Eximus units to aid them in a squad size. T3 Makes them all slightly faster at everything.

Steel Meridian: T1 sends Steel Meridian Operatives in a squad size. T2 Also adds shield lancers in a squad size. T3 Adds two bombards.

All of the squads will get their level scaled off of MR. Every 1 Mastery Rank will be 3 levels added to their base level. Bassicaly in a lvl 30 mission a mr 10 would get attacked by lvl 60 units, a mr 20 by 90 and 30 (someday) by lvl 120 units.

T3 negative standing will cap out at -10k.

PS: Sorry for all the typos.

Edited by DustyFlash
Changed some enemy types and lowered some numbers as well as increased some other numbers.
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