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Chimera: Update 23.10

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20 minutes ago, Ralsk said:

Update is failing to download for me too and it's ticking me off.  Wanted to spend the evening farming eidolons now that I finally have a decent amp and I can't play the freaking game.


30 minutes ago, Nakremy said:

Am i the only one that can't update this through my steam launcher? I'm not re-downloading this game for the nth time and losing all my settings, again.

Try switching language, do it everytime this happens, had to babysit my download so it can work.

Also the button was greyed out when I got the TOS agreement everytime, switch language makes it work.

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So after playing a few of these:


Defense are way too long. It took 40 minutes to complete rotation B. The 2 of us that were left clearly didn't die, not even close, but because AI spawning and pathing it took absolutely forever. This is unreal because in that same 40 minutes we got through 10+ excavators the next round. Which the essences stopped being rewarded at 3... which is really stupid. It only gets harder, why does the rewards never reflect that. Also, the 'operative' has no collision so I can't lock him down with Gara's 4, which whatever, but at least make him 5x slower because I couldn't even catch him to refresh his splinter storm. That's not engaging gameplay, it's tedious. 


Survival sucks too. Because for personal reasons I have to play solo a lot. I had an Ivara boon (my main frame and favorite frame) for the survival mission and as usual, it's not a battle of difficulty it's a battle of RNG. No matter how fast I killed I couldn't steal with prowl or obtain life support drops no matter how I tried. I made it to 18 minutes when normally with Ivara I can go 6+ hours if I wanted to. Why do you think random stuff is challenging? It's not. It's gambling. Dice rolling. And there's far more than enough of that already. Like rivens. I don't want to gamble. I was so excited seeing the endo rewards for this mode because I wouldn't be the only MR24 that doesn't have maxed mods because I refuse to bang my head off a wall (Rathuum-Vodyanoi) for unknown amounts of time. If I did, I'd surely have stopped playing a long time ago. It's that repetition followed by let-down after let-down from RNG that turns people away from your game in case you haven't figured that out yet. 


The drones shouldn't be immune to Warframe powers, IE powers like Artemis Bow, due to the time it takes to sheathe and redraw it just for one enemy. The drones should also not be invincible, because in example, enemies are in a line coming down a hall in the interception on Uranus and the drone was in the back of the line and an Arctic Eximus was in the front. See the problem? Enemies don't move once they're in a bubble albeit Nullifier or Arcitc Eximus, I had no room to maneuver around them, and thus an entire pack of enemies were standing there shooting and were also invincible. The drones need to be like Ancient Healers not invincible. They also need to not count against enemy spawns for defense missions because they spawn and remain stationary wherever they spawn opposed to being like shield ospreys or orokin drones that move to find someone to help (wish my pets did that... especially Venari)


Other notes:

  • Enemies with spawns (Drahk master specifically) are calling their pets and becoming alerted for no reason whatsoever as soon as they spawn into a tile now, I really hope this is unintended because you can't even melee the stupid dogs with a glaive once they're asleep.
  • Khora as my force specter, her 4 wasn't doing anything to enemies. They just ignored it. 
  • You made the time it takes to get the blue reticle while dual-wielding longer (by about 2 whole seconds) as well as shortening the window that we have to throw it at that time resulting in an uncharged throw. I guess you didn't think people would notice.
  • You made the distance that enemies are alerted by seeing another enemy killed much larger than it previously was. It used to only be ranged enemies that could see that far away but now powerfists on Lua are seeing me commit genocide on Saturn. (this is all while cloaked as Ivara). 
  • My Cernos Prime with Hunter Munitions doesn't proc HM barely ever now for some reason... Scott?
  • The new mode still suffers the same old bugs that old ones do, ancient problems like Excavation never ever spawning power cell carriers after you've completed a few digs so you literally have to go 500m away to get one which as you can imagine is ridiculous in this mode especially but also sorties. Survivals don't drop enough life support modules forcing you to use one single frame (Nekros). Defense enemies get stuck on the nothingness holding up the entire round instead of just dying/spawning in front of our faces after being stationary for so long.I was really hoping that you'd focus on making the missions work instead of adding new parameters for them to break (drones).
  • The spoiler thing, that costs a whopping 1,000 ducats? You know... the meaning 15 per mission (because that's all you get 98% of the time) makes that 66 missions... and if they could all be done in 4 minutes (they can't) then that's 4.4 hours of only doing that... Who thinks of this stuff? Honestly who sits down and says "that's a great idea, the longer the better!"


I'm sorry if this is long, or if it sounds like I'm angry, but understand that this game is my passion. The good praise and love that I give it in terms of actual money spent (at least 5 prime access now and many plat purchases on top of Tennogen we're talking a bare minimum of $1,100 I've spent) and word of mouth and such is all because I like the game that much. Over 4,000 hours I'd assume so far. And still log in and play every single day, not just log in. When I see things silently nerfed it makes me sick to my stomach like I'm being cheated on by a loved one. If you make a change that you think will go unnoticed you're wrong. There will be people who notice, and every little thing affects those people. 

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10 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Arbitrations: Lethal Alerts

This alert emphasis the problem of solo even more.

Thanks alot, instead of waiting for 3 mins defence mission (excavation), i have to wait additional 3 to 5+mins each hoping for powercell carrier to spawn.

One more content off to the trash bin

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3 hours ago, Kyotosora said:


Not sure if any other player from Finland has commented on this already but you might want to change that essence name.

Vitus is one letter away from a foul/insulting finnish word "vittu" which means pussy/vagina in our language. You don't usually use this word when speaking kindly of anything or anyone.

Uhm, isn't it 2 letters? I don't see any issue with this, there is a doom metal band called Saint Vitus and even a bike manufacturer called Vitus Bikes. As a finnish person it didn't even came to my mind to relate it to that finnish word.

I kinda laughed a bit when I first saw node called Nakki, which is direct word for "wiener" in finnish.

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Now this is what update should be.. a bunch of new stuff, tons of changes and fixes.. honestly i thought DE only spend their time with fortuna (mainly k-drive) and didn’t care about any other stuff, but this gave me a glimpse of trust to DE.. great job..

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