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Chimera: Update 23.10

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UGLY GAP BETWEEN Vahd Cuirass, Kopra Tassets, and Zauba Greaves, it was actually a REALLY GOOD combination before this update.

Vahd Cuirass now has a clipping issue that LOOKS BAD, because the scarf from the Vahd Cuirass doesn't go away like it did before.

Still can't wear my glorious Ki'teer Atmos Mask while my "Hood" is opened for the Operator helmets.

Trust me, it looks cool, I used to be able to do this when the new Operator suits came out for Plains of Eidolon.

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Fashionframe concerns
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12 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Daily Tribute Changes:

The much discussed changes have arrived - they are quite straight forward, but if you want to really dive deep into them please start with our Dev Workshops for history!

Part 1/2:


On the major Milestone days (every 50 days between 0-1000) you will be presented with up to 3 Choices! These choices will still respect the original chronological release, and by the next time you reach a given category, you'll see a new item appear in place of what you've already chosen (if applicable).

1. Sigils and Resources. Days 50,150,250, etc.
2. Primed Mods. Days 200,400,600, etc.
3. Weapons. Days 100,300,500, etc.

Day 1000 and beyond!

Starting at Day 1050, Evergreen reward choices will be rotated every 50 Days though the following options:

Evergreen Choices A (choose one):
3 x Forma
3 x Exilus Adapter
4 x Weapon Slots

Evergreen Choices B (choose one):
50,000 Kuva
7-day Boosters (Affinity, Credits, Resource)
30,000 Endo

Evergreen Choices C (choose one):
3 x Rifle Riven
3 x Melee Riven
3 x Secondary Riven

Scaling Day-to-day: Scale all the things!
One important thing to clarify is that the in-game items received on the non-Milestone Days in Daily Tribute system now scale based on the amount of days you have logged on. Endo is an example well documented in the past Workshop, but this also applies to Credits, Booster Durations, Resources, Syndicate Medallions, Relics, and Forma Blueprints.
The way this Scaling works is that we have chosen a base amount of a given item and applied a multiplier that reflects your current amount of Days logged in - it does vary by item type!
For example, on Day 1 I get 1 x Tellurium, but on Day 1000 I get 6 x Tellurium!

Additional Information:


  • There is now a fixed Day 5 Reward of 25,000 Credits and 1000 Endo.
  • Our goal is to make it only slightly more flexible while still respecting the core need to login frequently. Personalization is a huge part of Warframe and we think that this changes the Daily Tribute system to better reflect that. 
  • The Lodestar Syandana and the Lodestar Armor Set - they are staying at Day 800 / 1000 respectively.
  • We have added custom lines and videos to each Daily Tribute which brings a Warframe NPC out to greet you on your new day.

I've got to say...i like the changes so far.....first login on the new system gave me a choice of morphics (dont know the number) and either a 32 HOUR affinity booster or Credit booster....THAT alone is FAR better than the 3 hours booster rng we had beforehand 😄

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Really? You removed the claws from Chroma Prime's hands and feet when you remove the Prime details to use the base pelt? Come on, hearing that was a thing was the entire reason I sprung for the Prime Access! I hate the Prime look aside from the claws. RIP Chroma actually looking good for once.

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Looking at the changes to Rev I say thanks, like that cool and all but Reave wasn't really my concern it's the fact that his pillars still do nothing damage wise after a few rotations in any endless mission and the fact that (with any bullet or AoE weapon but more specifically the shotgun he came with) the pillars have a actual hitbox that can and will block your and ally bullets.

I like Rev I really do I just feel that for a damage frame he lacks damage.

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9 hours ago, Dragnhit said:

Thx for the update DE! The game look real smooth now

BUT i have BIG problem atm, My game crashed whenever i do bounty in cetus either eidolon hunting bounty which are my favorite activity in game or any ostron bounty. 

I have the same issue. Eidolon is my fav too and here I am on my night off not being able to do any bounties. Argh... Yeah, this is an improvement? 

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hace 12 horas, [DE]Megan dijo:
  • Initiates can no longer purchase/replicate Clan Research (contributing allowed). This prevents new recruits from joining and bailing once they have taken their fill of Research.

Hello! I have a question, there are currently 11 permits available for the warlord! that new permission to not be able to replicate the laboratory plans to players newly arrived to the clan, is supposed to be assigned to the lowest rank? initiated! but at any rank you can give all available permissions, why not put that permission available to activate or deactivate in any range? I also do not see logic one of the last ranks they added is another warlord rank? I have 2 equals, I do not see the meaning, I should be able to assign or remove permits without restriction, it has the same as the warlord (leader) I can put more warlord players, but with the same permissions as the leader? not deveria, it is better to be able to assign the permissions to the leader's liking, not by default, I hope that in the future that will improve, still missing ... greetings and thanks




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not sure to be happy that the QoL changes have finally been implemented, or sad that it took 5 years of nagging


a giant step in the right direction nonetheless...

oh yeah the new content seems nice too

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After a long and tedious process of constantly restarting the launcher every time the update fails, I got it down to 2.9MB remaining, and it just refuses to get that last tiny bit... it just sits there for several minutes then kicks me back to the update failed screen.... 😞

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13 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Arbitrations: Lethal Alerts

  • Rewards are earned at double-the-usual interval (every 10 Defense waves, every 10 Survival minutes), etc. 

Survival: Life Support Capsules are worth 75% of what they're normally worth!
Interception: Towers controlled by enemies fill the "Opponent" progress bar at double the rate!
Defense: You're protecting an NPC and have much less downtime between waves!
Excavation: Increased Defense time to 3:00!
Defection: Rescue targets have no revive state!
Infested Salvage: Consoles have half their normal Health! 

This is the main thing that bugs me right now about the new alerts. I was already trying to get use to it and then a friend got online. It was so much better when you knew you could extract in the next 5 minutes or 5 waves to join your friends. Now it seems to take forever just to get out and squad up with friends. I also just don't think it's necessary. The same for the life support only being worth 75% or Excavation taking 3 min per dig.

Please consider keeping that stuff the same as normal missions. It just feels more tedious than it should. I also hope you guys reconsider changing the starting enemy level to at least 100. I was really hoping this mode would feel like an hour into an endurance mission, but right at the start. Instead it's longer than normal endurance and still much easier. It's like you guys missed the entire point. This mode has so much pontential and I still enjoy it, but it deserves some tweaking. Remember why you were developing this mode in the first place. If it doesn't appeal to endurance players, what's the point? 

I also remember you guys saying something about only offering buffs for the frames and weapons the player owns. Can you fix that please? Thank you. :smile:

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God, these elite alerts are awful. Enemies barely spawn, the rewards aren't that great for 10 minutes/rotation. I can't bring myself to do another one, specially considering the 2% chance to drop the mods, which I don't I will ever use anyway.

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vor 14 Stunden schrieb [DE]Megan:

Fixed some decos in the Plains of Eidolon and Cetus remaining dark while everything else brightened during the Night to Day transition. Also fixed an issue with some decos suddenly popping to bright day colors.  

Sadly, i can confirm this is not the case yet:


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Halfing the Base damage of miasma and lowering the tick damage increase cap for saryn? i dunno bout this 😕 personally you shoulda just fixed the problem and kept the base damage as well as left the multiplier at 2x rather than making the changes you did.

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I just want to say, amidst all the things in this update to be happy about, I quite like the QOL additions like infinite-auto-equipped archwing launchers and removing a bit of the hassle regarding using Kubrows and Kavats. Giving attention to seemingly little things like this helps in a big way, and I find it touching when I see it. So thanks for that!

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