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Chimera: Update 23.10


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49 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Updated windows in some of the Grineer Spy mission vaults to prevent NPCs from spotting players through the glass.

Stop holding our hands.
If an enemy is looking out a window, and you stand on the other side, they should see you.
Spy missions are way to easy as it is, you need to make them harder, in a logical way.
Like cameras at every door.
Or, have one where to get in you need to make noise to get someone inside the vault to come outside the vault,
then you go through the door while it's open.

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vor 3 Minuten schrieb PETI258:

DE for the love of god stop these huge updates.

  1. I have started downloading 15 mins ago and my internet can do 10mb/s download and the game is still at 13%. So I need 2 hours of waiting to actually play the game that is nonsense. (release it week by week as it was in the old days so we may only lose 10-15 mins)
  2. Stop putting endless patch notes to read after 5 month of nothing just divided it into smaller updates.

Anybody remembers for the old weekly updates? (I would like to get them back)

Dude , You Should really be thankful that they have done this hard work, instead your ONLY complaining.

2 hours of waiting for all that good stuff is worht it 10 times on my opinion.

You can do your best, but will always find ppl that arent satisfied with it.

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2 minutes ago, CrackCook said:

and arcwing height cap? people were enjoying the extra freedom in plains 😞 

You should work on your reading comprehension, dude.


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