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Chimera: Update 23.10


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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Smoothed out some stuttering when holding Volt’s Electric Shield.

Hmm, neat. Can't wait till this is on console.

Also still waiting on his cloth physics.

And if I'm correct I can only type here because some forums maintenance or the re-work switched alot of console players to recognize as PC.

Any plans to fix that and maybe open up build notes for everyone? Because there's been more than a few times I've seen a PC one and have a bit of input.

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5 минут назад, Pr1A сказал:

Because he has NVIDIA and you have AMD. Two vastly different architectures. You just got unlucky and whatever they changed broke the compatibility with your GPU.

Dropping DX9 support means that they are no longer actively trying to keep the game functional on older hardware. It might stay playable on some GPUs longer than others.

I can turn on DX10 too, but it's broken as well! After 20-30 minutes of gameplay driver is crashing. Have seen a lot of threads on forums with this problem even with new gpu - nvidia 1xxx and latest amd. So what should i do in this situation? The only answer what we got from support is that we need to update drivers or check hardware as it can be damaged. But both this advice is useless, as i don't have problems with dx10 in other games.

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9 minutes ago, -ECHO-Kinzuh-kun said:

So basicly a Saryn nerf, thx DE i always appreciate when you nerf smth. al the time, ty. TY!

Hardly a nerf.

The reduction of the Spore dmg cap makes absolutely zero difference. How often do you reach 70k damage anyway? Let alone 100k?

The miasma now deals less damage without spores but more damage with spores. Again, not really a nerf unless you were spamming Miasma without using Spores.


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il y a une heure, Aexic a dit :

Why couldn’t you just leave Phantasma alone. You always ruin anything that is even remotely fun.

Not sure why they did this.... Maybe because some people playing on old computers with ultra settings complained about the occasional mirages with very specific phantasma builds impacting their fps once in a blue moon, and asked to "tone it down". So, they toned phantasma's visuals down for everyone, instead of just for mirages or old computers users.

Unfortunately, less projectiles also means less status procs per fully charged secondary burst, and that's quite detrimental to corrosive builds. We could spam uncharged shots instead, but that would be at the cost of greatly increased ammo consumption.

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2 minutes ago, White_Matter said:

When you click on the helmet in your room screen goes white and stays like that.. Is the quest bugged ?

Please restart your game and verify your cache in the launcher before attempting again. We're investigating the cause now. 

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