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[PC] C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕: Bug Report Megathread

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There doesn't seem to be an option to customize controllers when you're in melee only mode.  The problem is that the game no longer recognizes my left trigger as the melee attack input.  I'm essentially locked into a state of not being able to attack or charge attack, while in "full melee mode" 

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It looks like I bugged the Prologue Quest. After I loaded into the mission when touching Lotus' hat, I aborted the mission because I wanted a different Warframe. After I reentered the mission I was then "teleported" to a "jump puzzle"-looking area. After that, nothing would happen. I can't progress from that spot. I watched TacticalPotato's YouTube video to see if this was right and he started out running through the Orokin building. I never got a chance to do that. I had to force close the game (Alt-F4) and when I tried to reenter the mission, the same thing happened, I was teleported to this "jumping puzzle"-looking area and nothing would happen.

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Excaliburs Exalted Blade doesn't kill the new Lethal Alert shield drones

Also I thought the Lethal alerts were supposed to empower weapons you own? My current mission is Twin Kohmak +300% damage however I have never built this weapon.

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May have posted the first at the wrong place but here it is. Comparison screenshots from last night on the Orbiter vs tonight:


Last night:




Lighting is buggy...and this also applies to my log in screen and the star chart.

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After the mainline, the game feels incredibly un-optimized. I have low fps and my computer fans are much louder. The worst issue of all; my driver crashes after a few minutes of my operator being out. The Chimera quest is impossible to complete because my display driver crashes whenever i am in the portal, forcing me to do a hard-restart on my computer. I have a GeForce GTX 970. I'm losing my mind, my game is completely unplayable after all of this.

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I was playing Volt in ESO and my 4 stopped working. It did not get disabled, it was still castable and did cost energy, but had no effect on enemies.

Happend both solo and in a squad, when I was host and when I wasn't.

Potentially starts happening when you get downed/die.

Did not happen to me outside of ESO.

Happend on patch 23.10.1

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I have found a bug with the paracesis when build it for damage crit and i put on spoiled strike and it lowers the damage when i apply primed furry 

ive screen capped the bug in question 


EDIT: upon further research it seems anything placed in the top right corner of the build window make the damage become reduced i have placed drifting contact to parry moving mods around to that slot and it lowers the damage

edit 2: it now seems to be any time i would add a mod to it damage is dropped and cannot be restored until i remove that specific mod and its spread to just doing it with out a pattern ex: true steel fury drifting contact i remove drifting contact to stop it causing a problem i remove it and true steel and put drifting contact in its place in its place no problem with lowered damage i put in true steel and damage is reduced but then i could repeat this this doing true steel and fury and then make fury lower my damage

edit 3: it lowers damage when ever i would fully fill its build slots with mods if i remove any mod the damage is restored but the second i put one back in it damage is reduced 

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(I found out this wasn't intended when I watched a play through of the quest)

So when I started Chimera, the screen started at the part where you teleport around (after following the kid). My operator was invisible (I couldn't see him AT ALL, I only figured out the operator WAS SUPPOSED to be there after I watched the play through) and when I teleported it briefly showed my warframe crouching on the side, so I assumed it was 1st person for some reason. So when the operator holds the new sword, I was really confused because I couldn't see the operator at all. There was no dot in the middle of the screen like it should always have, and when I aimed at the golden teleporting spots, it didn't show the little text box saying to teleport. So the quest was really really confusing for me.

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So a few bugs I've encountered:

1. Couldn't get near Arbiters of Hexis room in any Relay, game crashed so hard I couldn't even make a screenshot of it. By the way, people working hard should still be on Venus, not in the relays, right? If you know what I mean.

2. When I had lags in Arbitration, I couldn't exit when prompted, got stuck of evac menu. When next round started I couldn't do anything and died soon after. Had to close the game the hard way.


3. Volt's 4th doesn't work on Elite Onslaught, happens right after focus bonus ends, no stun and no damage at all.

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- Jat Kusar is always in its "extended" form. Jat Kusar is supposed to be "contracted" when holstered and "extended" when wielded/drawn. Currently you can only see it properly "contracted" in the Arsenal if you equip it and then customize its Holster position.

- sometimes when switching from your Operator back to your Warframe mid-air, your Warframe will play the "get up from a landing" animation and lock you pretty much in place. Maybe it occurs when you switch just as your Warframe hits the ground?

Bugs relating to the new elemental FX on melee weapons:

- the new elemental fx on melee weapons no longer cast light on your Warframe and the environment.

- they are also missing completely while you're walking around on your Orbiter, in Cetus or a Relay.

- they will restart their animation every time you switch weapons, with a few milliseconds of no effect at all ramping up to normal levels.

- they will enter a flickering mode where the particle effects are missing, but the elemental texture on the melee weapon remains. This bug occurs when you're in Operator mode and switch to your Warframe while in Void Mode (I assume the Void Mode invis disables some effects). This bug eventually self-corrects itself (maybe the animation starts a new loop or sth)


- I don't really like that pets follow Operators now because I like using Operator stealth to sneak around Spy missions or get Stealth Finisher kills, but Pets don't understand the concept of stealth at all.

- Vigorous Swap interaction with Gunspears (like the Javlok) is currently that you get the buff after throwing the spear, but not after picking it up. I don't think any of the gunspears are very meta right now, so personally I'd welcome a change that also applied the buff on pickup.

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seems fixed
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3 hours ago, MiniReaper said:

Helios does not Scan Frame fighter Fragments while having synthesis scanners on your gear wheel (can not confirm on other codex entries)


I am encountering this bug as well with Helios Prime.

Helios Prime is also not scanning somachord fragments which I haven't scanned.  It sounds like he makes the new scan noise but it never scans.  Tested on Cervantes, Earth.  I am able to scan it manually by selecting the scanner off of the gear wheel.  I thought it might be a bug with the new gear wheel so i moved the synthesis scanner to position 1 and the synthesis scanner to spot 3 but no change.  I'm showing 100 charges of the scanner. 

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I wanted to drop this here since it has been an ongoing problem for months and you're looking into a number of stats on Zaws. I don't know exactly what is causing the problem, or if it happens on all Zaws at all, but I reported it months ago.

I've actually avoided making some new zaws because of it. Anyway my zaw is a Polearm, using the Mewan head, I'm not sure what the other parts or mods are without looking atm although shouldn't be any other speed mods, but I use Berserker to speed it up and also have the Exodia arcane from plague star that launches projectiles, Contagion I think it is, if it's not that it's Epidemic. Anyway though if you use that polearm for a while and it's especially noticeable of course, in long sessions like the plains for a good while, my base weapon speed will go DOWN!

So for example, the base speed isn't too fast but it's not terrible I think it's between 0.9 to 1.0 maybe, I can use berserker to speed it up for a while, but after a while, berserker stops feeling so fast, then as I let it wear off I start to realize that the regular attack speed is lower. Eventually it gets so slow that it feels like you're stuck in a chill proc when you're not and the weapon basically becomes useless. I've not seen this behavior in any other weapon before but I have no other zaws right now to try that with or the arcane for that matter

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