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[PC] C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕: Bug Report Megathread

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7 minutes ago, Nooosheyy said:

My third ability on Octavia wont work, it consumes the energy but I cant see the waves below my feet..

I use octavia all the time (1 of my top 3 frames) and haven't had any issues with any of octavias abilities pre- and post chimera (other than 2 pathing AI being generally poor in many tilesets).

I'd suggest checking and rechecking your song setup, it sounds like you have an "empty" song playing. Your 3 only visually plays the notes in the "metronome" section (something i personally disagree with, but thats how it works and why people sadly resort to "spam" songs).


Just to clarify why i disagree with how ability 3 works. Well, the mallet sections is drums, the resonator section is bass and the metronome section is generally the melody/tune/voice part of the track. However, invoking buffs like f ex nocturne (invisibility) forces players to crouch to the "beat" of the melody/tune/voice rather than the beat which makes very little sense.

Octavia is an amazing frame with such different mechanics from the rest of the frames. The implementation is good, but it could be _so_much_better_with_very_little_work_ (compared to what went into making the mechanics in the first place).

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Yesterday, incursions were weird. I did a bounty in public, then left squad. Two incursions spawned, and I successfully completed those. The 2nd was a cache incursion. Afterward no incursions zones spawned, but it would show the incursion about to expire text. I waited through 2 of those. Both were cache incursions. But again, the zone to start them in wasn't around and Lotus did not announce them. 

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Another bug i just noticed while doing a second forma on my octavia:
- Mod search filters do not always return the correct results. I have 3 setups for my octavia: A normal rounded build, a high duration build for stealth and a high duration with thiefs wit on top for cache missions. After reranking up, putting enemy sense into the exilus slot, the mod would only show up in the first configuration searching for "enemy", but not in the other two configurations. Removing the mod from the first configuration, putting it into the second configuration and then using the same search parameter allowed it to be found for configuration 1 and 3.

No, i can't make sense of it either, but the bottom line is that the desired mod showed inconsistently with the same search parameter (all category chosen). The mod in question was a flawed version of enemy sense, 2/3 upgraded (since it gives +9 radar for 4 cost vs a non flawed unranked version which gives +5 radar for the same 4 cost).


Just found another of these search filter issues. Searching f ex for "range", all the appropriate mods come up. However, Primed Continuity also shows up which has nothing to do with range neither in name, description or function.

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Also, the years old issue is still present, where:

- Joining a squad, then host disbands (probably disconnects?) before session is started
- requeue for the same mission, and you get a vote timer against yourself as if you were in a squad. Since you are the only one actually in it, votes are disregarded and only the timer decides
- the game will not search for more members during this, so you will either have to go solo or abandon the mission
- the same old fix to this problem still applies: Change to solo, then back to public

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loving remap of my controller every time i log in... zzz come on de this is no way to keep your players happy in the least. Fortuna is a big update but damn keep your S#&$ together b4 you loose half your player base b/c yall can't keep focused on keepin stuff goin. 90% of these bugs are careless bullS#&$. clean up your previous trash get this stuff right. 

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Is the issue with warframe weapons not working on the arbitration shield drone intentional or unintentional because it gets in the way of  some warframe. for example titania whose razorwing and dex pixia happen to be her most important assets do not work on the drones. is this intentional ?

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I may have encountered a slight problem on my orbiter regarding cyst removal.
For a visible example of the issue, I will be using Mag. Say hello, Mag.

As Mag demonstrates for us, the "camera" had remained in place, while the warframe was able to walk around as normal.
I found this bug when I tried to remove a cyst from Rhino this morning.
A short ways into the animation of him sitting down in the chair, I remembered that I had a bit of a negative experience regarding camera shake (Specifically, the UI was shaking and I couldn't click what I wanted), and I went to correct it. Oddly enough, camera shake was already off. So I shrugged, and left the menu.
I returned to find myself in the situation you see in the picture. In order to correct it, I had to restart Warframe.

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After some testing I'm fairly certain now that the Warframe's 'Flesh' health type modifiers are applying to/against the Adaption Mod.


Toxic Ancient Lvl.50 vs. Inaros, Pure Toxin (Effectiveness +50% vs. Flesh/+25% vs. Ferrite)
6820 -> 6224 = 596 (over 2 hits) = No Adaption
6820 -> 6582 = 238 (over 2 hits) = 90% Adaption [60% DR]  0.9/0.6 = 1.50 (Toxin's Damage Bonus vs. Flesh)

Toxic Ancient Lvl.50 vs. Inaros (Negation Swarm), Pure Toxin (Effectiveness +50% vs. Flesh/+25% vs. Ferrite)
6820 -> 6330 = 490 (over 2 hits) = No Adaption
6820 -> 6624 = 196 (over 2 hits) = 90% Adaption [60% DR]  0.9/0.6 = 1.50 (Toxin's Damage Bonus vs. Flesh)

Mutalist Osprey Lvl.155 vs. Inaros (Negation Swarm), Pure Toxin (Effectiveness +50% vs. Flesh/+25% vs. Ferrite)
6820 -> 6727 = 93 (AoE) = No Adaption
6820 -> 6783 = 37 (AoE) = 90% Adaption [60% DR]  0.9/0.6 = 1.50 (Toxin's Damage Bonus vs. Flesh)

Arid Eviscerator Lvl.155 vs. Inaros, Pure Slash [No status procs other than Slash are applied] (Effectiveness +25% vs. Flesh, -15% vs. Ferrite)
6820 -> 6207 = 613 = No Adaption
6820 -> 6648 = 172 = 90% Adaption [72% DR]  0.9/0.72 = 1.25 (Slash's Damage Bonus vs. Flesh)

Frontier Heavy Gunner Lvl.100 vs. Inaros,  Mostly Impact (Effectiveness -25% vs. Flesh)
6820 -> 6602 = 218 (Rifle Butt) = No Adaption
6820 -> 6798 = 22 (Rifle Butt) = 90% Adaption vs. Impact Only [90% DR] (But Slash and Puncture exist too so...)
6820 -> 6805 = 15 (Rifle Butt) = 90% Adaption vs. Impact + Slash [93% DR] (More than 90% damage reduction shows something wrong is going on here.)

I suspect that with Adaption 80%+ vs. Impact, the Warframe will take 0 damage from pure Impact damage.

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The amount of clipping and enemies either spawning into or even walking into obstructions is too much.  I've seen it occurring on Ceres Shipyard tileset sometimes (as you can see here): 


but the worst of it is happening on the Lua tieset.   Minimap gives the location(s) of where this is occurring.  


Enemies cannot be shot, are unaffected by ground slams and nothing can remove the targets from the game.  

I know that the Jupiter Gas City Tile set is in the process of being revamped, but until this is going on;  could someone please explain to me where this shadow is coming from?  It only showed up when the door opened and seemed to come into play when it was opened:


Lua Tileset -- particularly the Crossfire Extermination Mission -- seems to be riddled with issues regarding shadow walls, spaces you shouldn't be able to get into and strange artefacts from mission generation, as you can see here:  





Plains of Eidolon doesn't seem to be immune either as occasionally this sort of thing is seen after spawning crondocs on the ground:


I have no idea what's going on with the Caustacyst in the market.  I believe that it's supposed to be showcasing that it's dripping with corrosive, but when looking at it in the marketplace...  well...  it looks as though it's getting a golden shower.  


Enemies aren't the only thing to clip as Ayatan Stars will often clip through the ground becoming unobtainable or to fallout of the map and disappear.  

Finally, while I understand that Syndicate Hit Squads are supposed to be challenging -- or at worst a nuisance as is the case with the Steel Meridian -- Cephalon Suda's are insanely over-powered at the moment.  At the time of spawn they consistently come up behind my warframe and seem to have the rather incredible ability of one-shotting me to revive.  This seems to be inconsistent to the hit squads I've received from Arbiters of Hexis and New Loka which haven't remotely been able to one-hit since their inceptions.  

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I've seen others report this but since there's been hotfixes since and it's still happening I'll mention it here again, my friends can't enter into my living quarters or transference chamber, on their end the doors stay closed, it's minor but kind of frustrating nontheless. Secondly I don't know if this is intentional or not, but in the Mastery Rank 24 test with the operator, after one failure on the second try it switches all of your operator's progress on, making the test a little too easy since you can just finish the orb in one or two shots with your amp.

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Occasionally when going on a mission I get stuck on the loading screen with the ships flying. Even after a few minutes I know everyone is still on the loading screen, because if I start to wiggle my ship others join in on the wiggling. The solution is to alt+f4, and I guess that's what some of the people are doing as you can see squad members changing if you're patient enough.

This also happened when I went on a solo mission. I believe my connection is good, so it doesn't seem to be any one member's faulty connection when this happens.

This surely has been reported already, but I want to add to statistics.

(I don't remember this ever happening to me before Chimera, now it's quite a usual thing)

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On 2018-10-27 at 11:27 AM, amadeusgrim said:

Is the issue with warframe weapons not working on the arbitration shield drone intentional or unintentional because it gets in the way of  some warframe. for example titania whose razorwing and dex pixia happen to be her most important assets do not work on the drones. is this intentional ?

It's by design. Exalted weapons are still abilities, which the drones are meant to be immune to.

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Sortie - Spy Mission - Uranus - 28.10.2018 with secondary only as a limitation.  Apparently everyone on the mission had a hybrid with the Arch-Melee making the mission feel like a farce.  Particularly when you consider the arch-melee was barely invisible during the mission when running with Loki or Ivara: 


Also -- since the last battery of updates Nidus seems to be running...  weird.  Armour for him is either incredibly strong with little damage occurring against enemies or it's feeling as though it's paper thin and more than 1/2 of his health shredded away in about a second.  There wa usually a grace period when going into a Nullifier bubble before he starts losing stacks in order to kill the nully.  This isn't happening anymore as 2 -- or more -- stacks are removed instantly.  

Amber stars dropping have significantly decreased and instead of seeing one every to every other mission has been dropped to less than one in five seconds.  If this is your answer to arbitrations and more statues this seems to be a waste of maximizing ayatan refinement.  

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On 2018-10-12 at 8:29 AM, [DE]Marcus said:

[PC] C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕: Bug Report Megathread

Edit: We are aware that the Operator cosmetics aren't playing nice, sometimes 'youth large' doesn't cut it. Earliest fix window is Monday! 

We will be using this thread to house your C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕ update bug reports. [DE]Saske will be monitoring this thread and relaying prevalent bugs where needed. Reminder: You must also have all of the nodes in the star chart unlocked to play Arbitrations! 

Bug report guidelines: 

  • Be as detailed as possible! The more information we have on the issue, the better we can track down the cause. 
  • Provide steps on how to reproduce the bug that answer "How was I able to produce this bug, and can I do it again?"
  • If possible, provide video and image of the reported issue.  
  • Be respectful - We understand bugs can be frustrating, but the better you can report the bug the better we can get to fixing it.

As always, we appreciate the time you give to improve Warframe! Thank you Tenno.

Found clearly unintentional bugs (Patch 23.10.8):

  • The Cernos Prime bow does not shoot correctly with Mirage's Hall of Mirrors Ability, no matter where you aim.
    • In the bow's Horizontal Spread mode, Mirage's doppelgangers fire the arrows straight into the floor below them.
    • In the bow's Vertical Spread mode, Mirage's doppelgangers fire the arrows completely to the side, roughly 90 degrees to the right of her.
  • The Fusilai throwing knives' Secondary Fire mode also does not shoot correctly with Mirage's Hall of Mirrors Ability; Mirage's doppelgangers throw the knives straight into the floor below them.

But basically, Hall of Mirrors does absolutely nothing for you if you are using the Cernos Prime. I have no idea how long these bugs have existed for...

DE pls fixu~ 💘

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I wanted to report a bug that sometimes happen when i'm in a sorty mission on uranus, For some reason there is a glitch that lets everyone use their archwing melee weapon outside of the water areas which breaks the game due to it being very op. Sometimes you can only hold the weapon and not use it but other times you can but i thought it was worth reporting as its op af. (only been able to use said weapon twice but both times a swung it a few times before it got stuck)WarframeScreenshot2018.10.28-

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Never had this happen prior to this update, but not quite sure if it's a result of it.  Defense mission, end of 5th wave.  3 of 4 players decide to continue.  Suddenly I get a loading screen, no host migration message, but am then in a group with 3 new people, in the middle of wave 9.  What the what?!

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