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[PC] C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕: Bug Report Megathread

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I'm getting these black polygons on the helmet of the Ferro Mag skin, they appear when there's light or shadow on the helmet, it's most noticeable in the arsenal, but it happens in other dark places too. I play with Dynamic Resolution on auto because my pc is kinda old, but it still happens if I max all the graphic settings. I started having these problems since the mainline update this month.




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1. While using a controller on PC, I am unable to activate my first ability (Spores, Virulence, Mallet, etc...) while wielding my melee weapon. I can activate it just fine while using a primary or secondary. And I can use all of my other 3 abilities while wielding a melee weapon. If it helps I have ability A bound to left trigger.

2. Arcane Nullifier doesn't seem to work in archwing. And I know it should, because Arcanes like Energize and Strike work. But my warframe resist the magnetic procs from the lake water in PoE, but when I equip my archwing it no longer works. I have my archwing bound to a hot key.

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Power Donation it seems is still having weird interactions with frames and abilities, notably Equinox and Peaceful Provocation. My theory is that the Provocation Stacks are moving Power Donation from -30% STR after Mods, as shown by the 50% Buff from Equinox, to after Abilities, as shown by the Stacked 80% Buff. Unfortunately didn't have time to test with varying builds, but this is very easily repeatable. 

Edit: Equinox had Power Donation equipped.

150% base Rhino Roar, with Steel Charge and fully stacked Peaceful Provocation for 80% STR boost

Same Rhino, Power Donation equipped

Same Rhino, 50% STR Boost, Power Donation equipped

Same Rhino, 80% STR Boost from Equinox, Power Donation Equipped



Edit: Builds used
Rhino: (NOT proccing Growing Power)

Equinox: (Swapping out Power Donation and Steel Charge as needed)

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I logged off and after the weekend when I logged in my Blind Rage mod had disappeared from my mods. No other mod that I currently know of has done the same.

I would provide more evidence but it's just disappeared so I don't have any.

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Mirage Kills and Damage are not counter in the "End mission stats". If actually one of her clone kills something will be not counted. Not counter in damage or kill count. 

Nova Anti Matter Drop Augment is not working. If a NOva player is not the host the orb get stuck on her arm and furthemore if this happen ther's a canche to get a radiation proc, and this can turn Nova into a killing, other players, friendly objective, ecc, machine. 

I notice (don't know if this is a bug) when you press 5, for the operato form, and in that chase the ping get high like 120 (not so much after all) the camera get stuck for some second, even 1 minutes, before start working normally again.

Gara's 2 , shatter shield, can destroy Arbitration Drone . Make the whole arbitrayion trivial.

Sometimes, if you use a squishy frame in arbitration you can istant die even if there's no enemies or everything else around you. It happen to me with Nova, Ember actually. It's a kinda rare situation. 

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Zylok with -3 capacity

I can go over the mod capacity of my Zylok by upgrading a Riven so it goes over my mod capacity.
How I think it happened: I added the Riven mod to my weapon when It was not yet level 30, the resulting capacity would be 0.
Then I fully upgraded the mod and clicked 'Uninstall' when prompted. I just did a mission that leveled it to 30, but I don't think that really matters.
I believe the 'Uninstall' prompt did not work.

*EDIT: typo

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Arbritation Survival. 

1. There no lotus transmission warning you when life support about to depleted or telling you something when playing it solo. 

2. Spawn rate is messy, even when using Enemy Radar. And the enemy will stay at their initial spawn location until we get to their visual range, this issue is very noticeable when the survival takes place against infested. 

Hope this issue getting a proper attention and get fixed ASAP. 

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Still massive issues with host migrations as reported many times in this thread, and under many different circumstances.

I just had a host migration go "connection lost" while doing sanctuary, ending the mission. Well, its all well and good that whoever the hosting was tranferring to failed to respond to the network, but the people left in the squad has a "copy" of the session state. I can not see any good reason for a session to end unless all players suddenly lose network ability.

To me that seems like bad netcode.

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An update to my analysis of the Adaption mod.

Old post is quoted here spoiler tagged to save space:



After some testing I'm fairly certain now that the Warframe's 'Flesh' health type modifiers are applying to/against the Adaption Mod.


Toxic Ancient Lvl.50 vs. Inaros, Pure Toxin (Effectiveness +50% vs. Flesh/+25% vs. Ferrite)
6820 -> 6224 = 596 (over 2 hits) = No Adaption
6820 -> 6582 = 238 (over 2 hits) = 90% Adaption [60% DR]  0.9/0.6 = 1.50 (Toxin's Damage Bonus vs. Flesh)

Toxic Ancient Lvl.50 vs. Inaros (Negation Swarm), Pure Toxin (Effectiveness +50% vs. Flesh/+25% vs. Ferrite)
6820 -> 6330 = 490 (over 2 hits) = No Adaption
6820 -> 6624 = 196 (over 2 hits) = 90% Adaption [60% DR]  0.9/0.6 = 1.50 (Toxin's Damage Bonus vs. Flesh)

Mutalist Osprey Lvl.155 vs. Inaros (Negation Swarm), Pure Toxin (Effectiveness +50% vs. Flesh/+25% vs. Ferrite)
6820 -> 6727 = 93 (AoE) = No Adaption
6820 -> 6783 = 37 (AoE) = 90% Adaption [60% DR]  0.9/0.6 = 1.50 (Toxin's Damage Bonus vs. Flesh)

Arid Eviscerator Lvl.155 vs. Inaros, Pure Slash [No status procs other than Slash are applied] (Effectiveness +25% vs. Flesh, -15% vs. Ferrite)
6820 -> 6207 = 613 = No Adaption
6820 -> 6648 = 172 = 90% Adaption [72% DR]  0.9/0.72 = 1.25 (Slash's Damage Bonus vs. Flesh)

Frontier Heavy Gunner Lvl.100 vs. Inaros,  Mostly Impact (Effectiveness -25% vs. Flesh)
6820 -> 6602 = 218 (Rifle Butt) = No Adaption
6820 -> 6798 = 22 (Rifle Butt) = 90% Adaption vs. Impact Only [90% DR] (But Slash and Puncture exist too so...)
6820 -> 6805 = 15 (Rifle Butt) = 90% Adaption vs. Impact + Slash [93% DR] (More than 90% damage reduction shows something wrong is going on here.)



Shield Health Type modifiers apply to/against the mod as well.  For example here's the Rail Moa against Harrow and Adaption's effect on the Shield damage.

Rail Moa Lvl.50 vs. Harrow, (Primarily Impact: +50% vs. Shield, -25% vs. Flesh)
1110 -> 567 = 543 = Shield Damage @ No Adaption [0% DR]
1110 -> 811 = 299 = Shield Damage @ 90% Adaption [45% DR]

Only 45% damage reduction instead of 90%, the shield is taking 450% more damage than it should be in this situation.

And here is Adaption's effect on Health damage against Inaros:

Rail Moa Lvl.100 vs. Inaros, (Primarily Impact: +50% vs. Shield, -25% vs. Flesh)
6820 -> 6548 = 272 = No Adaption [0% DR]
6820 -> 6793 = 27 = 90% Adaption [90% DR]

It gets reduced by 90%, although I suspect that more than 90% of impact is being reduced and that 10% remaining is mostly damage from Slash/Puncture for reasons established in my previous post.


A second example using the Arid Eviscerator:

Arid Eviscerator Lvl.20 vs. Loki (Pure Slash: Neutral vs. Shield, +25% vs. Flesh)
225 -> 116 = 109 = Shield Damage @ No Adapation [0% DR]
225 -> 214 = 11  = Shield Damage @ 90% Adapation [90% DR]
690 -> 597 = 93  = Health Damage @ No Adapation [0% DR]
690 -> 664 = 26  = Health Damage @ 90% Adapation [72% DR]

Slash is correctly reduced by 90% against Shields from Adaption but against the Health it only reduces it by 72%.


And a third example against a Corpus Nullifier:

Nullifier Lvl.50 vs. Harrow, (Primarily Puncture: -20% vs. Shield, +25% vs. Flesh)
1110 -> 808  = 302 = Shield Damage @ No Adaption [0% DR]
1110 -> 1030 = 80 = Shield Damage @ 90% Adaption [73.5% DR]

Nullifier Lvl.50 vs. Inaros, (Primarily Puncture: -20% vs. Shield, +25% vs. Flesh)
6820 -> 6555 = 265 = No Adaption [0% DR]
6820 -> 6736 = 84 = 90% Adaption [68.3% DR]

The shield's 20% resistance against Puncture is causing it to be more effective than normal.  Where against Health its portion of damage is correctly being reduced by 90%.

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See my reddit post, but it appears that the game thought that I was doing Mastery Rank test 18, but I was actually doing the MR19 test (the rescue target is in the background of the picture). I also cannot take the test for another 24 hours, so the game knows I passed, but I just passed the wrong one.

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Supposedly the bouncing was removed from the Arca Plasmor.  That appears to be not quite all the time.  I had reported that I seemed to have trouble blowing grates open at close range.  Turns out, the bolt was bouncing off the grate and exploding above or even behind me.  This was most evident in very small rooms with grates, and with a bright energy color.


Edit-Also cannot shoot through Gara's glass or Volt's shield, which we could do before.  Oddly, the bolt seems to......bounce back......hrm....

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Rescued prisoner following seems to be borked,  They frequently seem to just stop following, leaving the only option for mission success being for someone to stay behind with them while the other squad members go to extraction,  This is not fun if the prisoner decided to take a break in an exposed position.

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Host Migration in Arbitration Defense causes to reset the objective back to "Locate the target" on wave 20. Since  Target was already found, we couldn't proceed and had to forfeit out of the mission.

Arbitration Defense Corpus Ship Tileset. Four Tennos started out as I joined on wave 5th. We had a TON of specters running amok just for the laughs. Probably 4-5 Tenno specters, 2 orokin bombard, 1 orokin gunner, 1 shield osprey. Host migrations also messed up the orokin bombards and gunner. Unable to use commands on them to follow or hold position. I don't know what we needed to locate the target for.

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The billboard from the twitch drop november 1st does not properly save settings. For example for me it loses its vertical offset which makes most of if not all of the images i have at my disposal rather pointless to use as cropping wont work. Instead vertical offset always reverts to the top.

With minimum scale (aka no zooming), the horizontal slider still moves the images slightly.

Also the negative filter does not go properly negative. Instead, using the slider, it goes from no effect, to white, to partly white and partly negative instead of being a smooth blend transition.

I suspect there are more issues with it that i just haven't discovered yet.

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I recently traded 25 platinum to a well-mannered person named @Exozeniic, in order to acquire the last piece of the (vaulted) Galatine Prime - the handle part. The trade went well, my platinum amount was deducted as expected, and I went back to my ship to check on how many Orokin Cells I needed to farm in order to actually properly build the sword (The trade took place in Exo's clan dojo).

Unfortunately, the handle had gone missing - in the short time it took for my client to load in my Orbiter. The platinum amount was still "correct", as if the trade had taken place, but there was no sword handle. After some discussion, Exozeniic told me to try logging out and back in, which did nothing.

For reference, here are screenshots of the conversation and my foundry displaying the missing handle even after logging out and in again.

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Mods, after upgrading or obtaining a new one, aren't showing up in my "modding" HUD but when i am applying the mods to frames/weapons they are still present.



Extra edit: after testing abit more only certain mods (including continuity and its primed form as well as all rivens) have this affect


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screenshots made and added
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