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5 hours ago, Ikusias said:

while making the game mode much less exciting to compensate for the ABCCCCC rotations: this way we'll usually never see the consecutive C rotations because most players get bored to death just to reach the end of the first B rotation...

This is one of my main problem with the mode. Doubled the time, which feels horrible as hell.

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Hi, I've been enjoying Arbitrations for the past few days ever since I returned to Warframe. I like the little twists that the mode brings -- namely, the Arbiter drones and 1-life no bleedout limit.

My issue with the mode is that it feels very slow. I feel very restricted to using a very narrow scope of loadouts to get anywhere in the mission and because I only have 1 try per hour.

Some possible fixes:

  • Infinite tries per hour. This is a fun mode, so I want to be able to play it more than just once per hour!
  • Remove death-on-bleedout. Keep 1-life. This way, I can be more flexible with my builds while still retaining a high risk of having only 1 life. Also, I'd be able to use my Kavat more :c poor thing...
  • Start the enemies at a higher level. The mode does not feel uniquely challenging until after cycle 2. It takes too long to reach cycle 3 though. So, let the challenging enemy level range begin at cycle 2 rather at cycle 3 (at least!).

That's all I have for now. Thanks for reading~

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Little surprise bump. Would be a shame if DE doesn't bring live these "changes" they had in mind for arbitration

( Hello double timer and double everything that needs to go. )

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