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this update didn't fix FPS ISSUES


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As title says fps issues in this game while playing in multiplayer , let me describe it better and also i provide a video..not mine but someone's video who others have the similar thing ..i though this game comes with a lot of optimization as  some1 said this game is bad in multi-threading

Fps drops when im 4 players,..and let says theres 2 monsters maybe and the rest of team are in other room??

SOLO >>ULTRA SETTINGS 1000 monsters effects + my effects doesnt drop below 60!!!!!!

MP= even if i dare to lower the settings to ultra LOW>.my fps goes even crazier..drops even more....so no matter the setttings can't get a 60 constant fps...lowering settings doesnt bother me ...but not being able to do even that...now im sad....i was hyped for this  update cuz i though its gonna contains  some options better renderer or some performance fixes to boost that FPS.. but apparently not ...

My specs , i know they are not greate but i play games that are way more demand , like DOOM on ultra

Amd phenom II X6 cores 1055T clocked at 3400

gpu :gtx 1050 Ti clocked

Ram ddr3 1333

windows 7


Tried many things this thing i have it for more than a year ...but like come one how many years i have to wait till its gets fixed or i need new pc..to play even on lowest settings to maintain a god damn 60 fps one? Saddest part its lowering makes fps even worse...what a joke , so i have to set on high  settings so my gpu works something .....

here is a proof of a guys game


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