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Neptune Defection, Yursa, Kavors defectors cannot extract: falling threw floor


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In the last tileset (extraction for Kavors defectors), they are clipping threw the floor and falling all the way down as soon as the enter the tileset (via the door).


Cannot complete Neptune Defection, cannot unlock all nodes ..

Tested in all modes (Solo, Friends, Invite, Pub), and tested 7 times, this tileset is 100% of the time on the defector's way as it is the final objective..

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2 minutes ago, FakerIsNoob said:

Happens the same to me and everyone in my party. Seems this is a global bug. Fix this because i want to finish all solar rails missions.

Work around is to use Loki skill 3 (switch teleport) to get them past the bugged door.

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17 minutes ago, Vivian said:

PSA : Atlas walls (His second ability) can be used to guard the empty space and use a frame to body block the leftover. It can be overcome.


Could still use the fix instead though.


Tried it and they didn't even reach that part since they just fall off from the floor the moment they pass the door.

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7 minutes ago, KlampFer said:

Use loki with the teleport. it can save the mission

EDIT: Don't usi LOKi. if you teleport them , they will not count toward the mission counter. Use Nova Teleport before they fall


Wierd, Loki was fine for me.  Maybe somthing changed with the hotfix that just got rolled out?

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