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Dojo Stress test!


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I am Doing a stress test on dojo, currently there are 15 rooms at or near decoration capacity, 5 custom courses also at or near decoration cap, over 12 teleports.  

Test: i Have Loaded in 22 rails(Orokin labs), the first crash happened at 12 rails, at that time there where 16 rooms at or near decoration cap, removed all decorations in 16th room, after that it successfully loaded in all 22 rails. the load in as expected increased with a minor freeze, i tested load on: low, medium, and high settings, currently waiting for Rails to complete construction.

Will update post once rails have completed, there are currently 23 rails loaded into dojo. 11 completed, waiting for 12 rails to finish up.


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All 23 Rails have loaded, there are now 20 rooms at or near full deco cap, 22 teleporters, 23 rails, and there are about 8 room slots left(cap is around 100 rooms). 

at first the load seemed a little high, and so i used an old school trick to reduce stress on GPU ( heavy Fog -white-), after that it seemed to work, it completely eliminated lag loading into dojo. after this stress test i learned a few things:

1 - the dojo cannot handle more then 25-30 rooms at full deco cap before you start to lag, freeze when loading in, or completely crash all together. 

2 - rooms like Orokin labs, Observatory, or any other that use sky box will cause heavy load in times if over used, no more then about 20-30 if you plan to decorate 20 rooms at full cap. 

3 - it also seems, that the dojo can't handle more then about 4.5k assets, despite capacity it may give you, the dojo cap at its current state will allow you to break your dojo, total assets you can use with current cap is over 15k items, does not mean you can use all capacity stay below 4k items or about 8-10k deco capacity, you will start to freeze while loading in once reaching this limit. also you will not be able to use more then 10-15 rooms with sky box. 

hopefully this helps to create a base line. I'll see ya out there tenno o7.

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