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Okay, but why aren't they new weapons? [New Melee Skins]


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For reference...



If it were a polearm, or stave, or dual sword skin I would understand. We have plenty of those weapons. But Machete and Dual Dagger? Really?

Right now there are only...

  • 4 Dual Daggers (1 of which is a variant)
  • 6 Machetes (2 of which are variants)

Compare that to...

  • 13 Swords (1)
  • 10 Polearms (2)
  • 9 Heavy Blades (3)
  • 17 Dual Swords (3)


And this is not the first time, remember the Ceramica Tonfa skin? There are only 5 Tonfas, two of which are variants.




We don't have a crit Machete yet, what if Kludgekil was a slow crit heavy Machete? And anything would have been nice for the Dual Daggers...

I guess it is too late now, but I have trouble understanding why DE would do this (again) given how many people have been starving for more new toys to play with.

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Yeah I don't get it.

We are a bunch playing with Lesion, yet we only have the Rashasi skin that comes with the Nova Asuri Collection. I bought it only for the weapon skin and realized it was looking too small in my frame hands so I keep using Lesion without a skin.

1 polearm skin only available in a collection/bundle is really awful imo.

Yet we keep getting skins for weapons that already have a bunch, or weapons nobody use.

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