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Pyrana prime sounds is very broken


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1 hour ago, [DE]George said:

We can't repro this.  Can you try this: On the Warframe launcher, click the little gear icon on the top right.  In the Download Cache section hit "Verify" and "Optimize".

Let us know if that fixes it.

Verified the cache and it didn't fix it but I also isolated the source of the issue and it's not actually the pyrana prime, its the perla pistol skin I was using. I'm not sure if its deliberate but the perla pistol skin appears to alter the sound of the gun across all pistols where it didn't before. The video is a demonstration with a few different pistols.


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1 minute ago, [DE]George said:

Thanks for the video.  That is the intended behavior, actually.  Skins should not alter the sound of the base weapon.  The weapon's sound should change when equipping different weapons.

I think I am misunderstanding you, but the skin is altering the sound of the base weapon. Each of the weapons had the sound change when the skin was changed. I show multiple weapons in the video because it appears to affect all pistols that can use the skin. Each time I equip the skin the firing sound of the weapon changes to the same one that appears to be tied to the skin. It also appears to remove reload sound on all pistols I have tried it on. The thing I am talking about isn't the change in sound from changing weapons, but the change in sound on each weapon when I equip the skin. After equipping the skin each one sounds the same except for fire rate and no longer has a reload sound, although I didn't remember to record the reload sound. I can get that as well but its not a different sound, just no sound at all for reloads with the skin on.

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