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Equipping Naramon causes either a visual bug or incorrect Affinity count with Exalted weapons


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So I have been experimenting with Naramon School's Affinity Spike, and it seems to have no effect, as described by wikiframe.
(While on that note, can you correct for it? 'melee attacks' kinda doesn't exclude exalted melee, so to avoid confusion, I suggest either make it effect exalted melees or correct the description)
I noticed there was discrepancy between the EXP showed up on screen and result screen. It seems as though the EXP showing up on screen is in accordance to the affinity boost from Naramon, however, they do not add up to the EXP on the result screen. In fact there is a factor of 1.45 between the two, exactly as Affinity spike shows. Please do find time to correct for it, if not by enabling the boost on exalted melees properly, then by at least making it so that the exp showing up is not the boosted EXP.
Here is a video you can use to see that happening:

(as per all exalted weapons, one should account for the fact that exalted weapons and warframes get the same exact EXP and both get 100% of the EXP in the case of using the exalted weapon)

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