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Aim-glide on a controller


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DE please allow players the option of having aim-glide assigned to the same button on a controller for both primary/secondary weapons and melee weapons. The way it works currently is that channelling/aim is assigned to one button and fire/block is assigned to another.  What this means is that you have to use one button to glide with a gun and a different button to glide with melee. I am using the default lay out and have to use the left trigger for glide when a gun is equipped and a right trigger when melee is equipped. This is incredibly disorienting. I frequently fall into pits because I forget which button I’m supposed to press for glide.

When melee 3.0 is released (or earlier) please either:

1) Assign aim/block to the same button; or

2) Allow players to separately assign  aim and block. 

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