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Update 23.10 And Dojo Observatory Bug

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It's affecting a lot of us dojo decorators, as a lot of us chose to build outside of our observatory and into the skybox, especially after Steve mentioned he would get someone on the lighting box to expand it to the full skybox.... several months ago.

It's Update 23.10 and I had been hoping that within the 20 pages of fixes the Observatory lighting would finally be one of them, especially since the dojo competition is only a few days away from ending.

I'll ask my fellow decorators to post screen shots in this thread to give specific examples of how this has negatively impacted their decorations, but in the meantime, if you look for them, you can already see a lot of examples of it when you go through the dojo competition thread.

My first image shows a peculiar case where not only is there a lighting blackout after a certain point in the skybox, but for this particular room alsow a lighting yellow out.

My other observatories don't have the yellow lightout problem, but they do have the blackout problem, 



I know I'm still yelling into the void here, but hopefully someone will finally hear, maybe even respond, and hopefully fix this problem while you're in the hotfixin mood.

Thanks in advance,


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