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Gearwheel functionality


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New gearwheel don't have any dead-zone in middle. Sure its fun to spin around, but bit too easy to just nudge mouse little and select wrong gear piece to be activated.

Having least little area on middle that will not keep any gear item selected will be improvement. If you more or less accidentally press gearwheel key and have click going on mouse button, something might get activated.



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Can I add some more on gear wheel? 

Important side info: I have never been able to successfully use gear wheels in any of the high paced games I played in my life since most of them require mouse movement and mouse usually does all the camera (looking) motions using gear wheels feels like breaking the feeling of control of the character. In Warframe I use it only to check the amount of the consumables left and for fishing spear selection since it is not in the middle of the combat. 9 positions of the wheel assigned to hotkeys and that are more than enough for me to use.

1. Its size and position (middle of the screen) are less convenient than the previous iteration because you get fully immersed into Gear Wheel and it somewhat contradicts with its intention of being a quick menu to use an item without breaking you out of action.

2. Now to see the number of consumables (squad restores) you have left, you actually need to select them, which is also less convenient, since pressing button to check quickly is not an option anymore.

3. Using hotkey for gear wheel slot that got Simaris scanner into sometimes switches you to "Unarmed" state which does not have weapon nor scanner.

Hope it helps.

Thank you very much.

And one more thing! I will get back here later and update my post because having something new and playing with it for just a little bit is just a first reaction, I'll see what happens after I get used to it.


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To add to this, switching between the gear wheel and the emote wheel for some reason uses the binding for "Quick Progress View". So it becomes completely unusable if you have it unbound and use only the full scrollable "View Mission Progress". The UI button on the right would've at least partially alleviated this issue, but as of right now pressing it just closes the gear wheel (though I'm not discounting the possibility of this being a bug).

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revert the gear wheel to the old design.  players need to determine quickly how much gear they have what gear they have and then be able to quickly select the gear and be back to the action. whoever had the idea of making a translucent spiral with no number indicator wins the dunce award for the week. 

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