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New Nikana sound feedback.


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Initially I thought the sound change is applicable to long swords as well, tested in simulacrum but not the case.

My personal interpretation on the nikana's new sound

a forceful "stroke sound" accompanied by a "shing"

unfortunately, a katana blades does not produces such sound feedback, 
a Bokken that has a blunt edge will make the stroke sound, 

a very thin bladed + wide bladed sword will make a shing sound when swung around.

But katana blades are typically 6 - 8 mm thick and at least 4mm at the tip, 
so a  sharp resonance is not possible to be produced.

Also, the bell-like sound is more common on European sword which is hardened and tempered throughout the blade, 
while a Katana is only differentially hardened at the edge so the softer back is impossible to make the crisp resonance like bell.

This is how katana actually sounds like, might seems comical, but when the execution is proper it sounds like that.


This is what a cut looks like with proper edge alignment, the tatami is just placed on floor with no fixing/binding to floor.

Stuck blade is what can happen when cutting angle is off .

I suppose this is more of a casual swing without proper stance and edge alignment.

This is the bell resonance, it happens on fully hardened + tempered blade.


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