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Defection, People clipping through Floor


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I tried playing Yursa on Neptune (since it's one of the missions I still have open) which is a defection. BIG PROBLEM: The people you're supposed to rescue keep clipping through the floor and then getting stuck in a corner, making them unable to be rescued. Not even a Loki can switch teleport them. Played the missions twice the exact same thing happened both times.

Please fix it !!

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This happened to me just a couple minutes ago.

They fall at this spot.


And get stuck here:



Edit: Using Loki's third ability helped completing the mission. Had to do it away from the door. The "hole" seems to be larger and not exactly on the doorway.

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Having the same issue. It's the last node on the star chart I need to do the elite alerts and I can't get them now because of this bug. This has been an issue with Defection for a while that's why I haven't been bothered to do them but now with the elite alerts requiring them I'm locked out of them.

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Forgot to add more to the message.
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I don't think I even need to post my video. Remove that silly requirement, make it a 90% completion, too many missions are bugged.


Use loki to get them up.


Even if you get them in it doesn't count most of the time. Disable defections please so we can play the new content.

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Double glitched
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