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I didn't failed arbitration, host migration did


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Am I looking at law of retribution 2.0 in the making, only to be abandoned by players? 

STOP making game modes that would provoke host/player abandoning/throwing game.(ESPECIALLY when u know how Unstable host migration is)

STOP making game modes that takes so long to complete, wanna see what happened when u make each match unbearably long to finish? go to fortnite: STW and see for urself, half of the playerbase are either afk or not participating objective

make a smurf account with home internet connection and play with pub to GET A GRIP of the reality, this game mode is created by someone who always play in vitro where things are always rainbows and unicorns. a regrettable choice really.

suggestion: instead of 1 life, each revive weakens the dmg/power by 50%

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My beef is with host migrations for when host dies, the fact we cannot hop back in after completing rotation A as well as those red glowing floating *sheets*. I hate how they want us to use those ignis wraiths and arca plasmors because those small things like to hide inside and behind the corrupted frost eximus nullifier bubbles. They're not even a rare enemy, they're super common spawns and doesn't demonstrate how well we handle high levels, just how well we do following a new stupid meta.

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