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Mission Revamp ideas


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With the release of Chimera and yet another tweak of endless missions, I feel like DE has the pieces to make Endless Missions great, just not all in one place. Me and my friends have been analyzing the portions of the missions we like, effort, and rewards, and here are some of our ideas:

1.) Onslaught is a better Survival. The mechanics work way better than having to collect and interact with life support system, and it essentially boils down to the same experience, just much more streamlined, user friendly, and less grief worthy (like going long stretches without enough life support dropping even though you're "surviving" just well enough) We think this should actually replace the existing survival mission (with Efficiency being renamed to something like "aggro drawn" or some other lore-friendly reason).

2.) Boss Rush and Race-style missions: Almost all Endless missions boils down to "kill x number of enemies as fast as possible", which encourages exactly one type of gameplay; nuking. We've tried a few times with self-imposed restrictions on nuking and....just made endless missions unfun at best (moreso than normal) to being flat out unfeasible. After all, when the implicit goal is to kill as many thing as possible, doing the exact opposite is not going to cut it (not to mention I have literally fallen asleep during an endless mission and not only did I not fail it, but I managed to make it through 3 rotations with the highest kill-score. while asleep!). So we thought about it and realized that bosses would be fun to face, if they had desirable loots other than the odd orokin cell or Warframe parts (the latter of which, after you've obtained them all, becomes completely redundant). So the idea would be to make Boss Rushes; like Sanctuary Onslaught, you end up facing a random boss in each Round. This would, of course, require toning down some of the more cinematic bosses (Kela de Thaym especially, given that her Orbital strike phase can really draw it out) to reasonable levels so as to not make players quit on frustration upon seeing the boss. This would allow warframes with specialties outside of nuking to be used as well as throw some tactical problems at the player (considering that not all bosses have the same method of defeating them, you can't really walk into it with a one-button-solves-all plan). The other idea was Race-style missions; one such mission exist for Archwings only, and it would be fun if it were made into a warframe one; parkour is a fundimental part of the game and quite fun actually, so it kinda baffles all of us that only one mission type even remotely requires it (Spy) outside of mastery tests (which, btw, we all actually enjoyed). So basically the idea would be you start somewhere, trigger the starting horn (either opening a door, triggering an alarm, starting a self destruct, whatever) and have to rush to objective markers to claim rewards. An endless version would have you running around doing many objectives without a timer over your head; the room just gets massively unfair for moving about the longer you linger (as well as more enemies that will rearrange your face) so you're encouraged to grab more loot before that happens.

4.) Change Excavations to Endless Mobile Defense and remove Batteries. Remove Mobile Defense as a standalone mission. As it stands, MD and excavation are essentially the same, with the former only giving out one meh reward while the latter having the chance to brick the player when the game decides to not spawn battery carriers anymore. It would be streamlined if both were made into the same thing; you get to the objective, activate it, defend it, claim reward, move on. Batteries in Excavations never really did their intended purpose; either the carrier would spawn indefinitely and grabbing them became a formality, or they didn't spawn at all, which meant the mission bricked itself for half an hour at a time due to RNGesus not liking us and we the players having no way to solve it other than extracting.

5.) Change the drop system from rotating between drops to chance-based with scaling. One of the biggest problems with Endless atm is that after the 4th rotation, there's literally no reason to stay other than for bragging rights; you're getting the same reward for fighting enemies much stronger than the first round, while having the chance to screw up and lose all of the rewards you've accumulated. It also makes some rotations painful, as only the C rotation has desirable rewards, meaning what should have been a bite-sized mission experience suddenly turned into a 20+ minute grindfest. Our proposal is: change it so that all drops have a chance of appearing in each interval, but as you go further and further the chance for the "rarer" loots increase while the chance for worse loot decreases, kinda like how bounty stages work on the plains (although with better scaling than that and have all rewards available at each "stage" rather than preset ones for first and "last"). This way, if someone wants to just dip in for a quickie, they can go in and still have a reasonable expectation to get something nice. while if they really wanna grind it out they can stay in a mission for as long as they want knowing that their time invested is directly impacting their chances at better loot.

Now these are all just "first step" ideas, I am under no illusion that simply copy-pasting them into the game exactly as I described would work (certainly not for boss rushes. Fighting the Hyenas is nothing like fighting Lephantis), but I hope these might bring some other variances to future missions and possible tweaks. We've tried emulating some of these ideas with what is available in-game and we think there is some potential there (yes, this includes me going on a full 5 hour long boss-hunting spree with dice to determine who I'd face next). I am also aware that some of these might require fundimental changes to the game (we suspect the AABC system is only in there now because the game might require an overhaul of the reward system to impliment anything new), so we know it won't come instantly if you guys do like it (or if it's even possible). But we still wanna make the suggestions in case this does give you guys (DE) some inspiration.

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