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Banshee Soprana Clipping


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So the latest patch notes mention clipping fixes 12 times, one time even with "Banshee Soprana" in the same sentence. However this is still happening:

And it makes me incredibly sad. With all the gorgeous top quality deluxes coming out lately poor Banshee left running around with bare butt.

Also this wasn't always like that. No such clipping was happening at the time i've made this post initially:

I've edited it not long after when this clipping started to occur. I've heard people weren't fond of the volume her skirt had at the time of release. Maybe a change was made to counteract this and resulted in horrible clipping issue. Could it at least be tweaked somehow to find a compromise, a middle ground, a decent looking Banshee Deluxe Skin?

And yeah, those texture glitches still bug me as well.

Some screens under spoiler


Banshee on indor mission:


Banshee went out to the plains during windy weather:




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added screens
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