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lost color sets after mainline update.


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Yup, a good chunk of my warframes have different or default colors instead of how they were before, or their regalia is different/switched around position. Interesting because I hadn't checked anything last night, but when I logged on this morning I noticed my Nidus had default colors, even though just last night I had fashion framed him and gotten a set of colors I really enjoyed, but now he's back to default. But again not all warframes are affected

My excal umbra, for example, used to have a lot of white, now he has a dark secondary and tertiary but everything else is default. Titania's front Champion sigil has its size messed up, my Oberon Prime that I recently got to look nice is back to default, Revenant had his secondary/tertiary reset to default, I mean the list just goes on. 

Things were fine for me after mainline, but once I logged in this morning everything's been changed around.

Should add that weapons were affected as well, with some missing secondary/tertiary colors, my Aksomati had its colors stripped save for the energy, so forth and so on for various primary/secondary/melee weps. Warframe attachments are also affected in the same manner.


Seems there is a temp fix for this found in the Chimera bug megathread; turning off legacy colors and relogging seems to have restored all fashion frame.

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Added info about weapons/attachments/added solution
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