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Mask of the Lost one Bugged


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So I am in the process of trying to finish "Mask of the Revenant" (Little behind, I know).  But the most recent update appears to have bugged the mask so that it is invisible.  I noticed that when my operator's face appeared in mission, all of my facial accessories were gone, made all the more jarring from the fact I had been wearing the lost mask for the last couple weeks.

In the customization, I found that removing the mask makes all the other accessories visible as normal.  Re-equipping the mask returns my operator's face being accessory-free.  My assumption is that the mask is simply not rendering or is invisible, and that the other accessories disappearing is a normal part of putting the mask on to avoid model conflicts.

As of now I don't know if the mask being invisible actually impacts the quest.  I'm waiting for nighttime on Cetus to continue the quest-line after forging the revenant pieces.


My operator as normal:RlE7HXu.jpg

When I have the mask equipped (See highlighted): 


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