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Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

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I need to report that blocking during Melee is completely broken on controllers, I've unbound and rebound the control to Left Trigger numerous times to no avail. I'm on a standard Xbox One controller, which is one of the supported controllers for this game, so, y'know, feels bad man.

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9 hours ago, Tor_Archer said:





  I Actually dont hate this change, as on the controllers it was actually difficult to use the emotes without sliding to the wrong one. At least if you want to not sit there for 10 seconds trying to choose the right one. I'm not sure about the keyboard, but I know a lot of people use the keybinds for emotes.


13 hours ago, Cyber-HeroWF said:

does this include putting the Vahd Cuiress' belt back on the waist? the loincloths looks really bad without it and the (now covered up) turtle neck was a favorite feature of mine

5 hours ago, G0BLENSLAYER said:

I think there is an issue with all the operator chest armors.  They have the bottom part of the helmet attached. 

And all the helmets seem to be missing the neck parts


 Yeah the floating part looks too weird on the Vahd cuirass and I  like the scarf but the details on the neck for the were cool too. maybe make the scarf toggleable?
There's quite a few things about the operators that's really messed up tho. I'm hoping the fix on monday helps.
   I miss having the unequiped suit with the big ceno greaves and paldrons, also miss the off the shoulder details on the Zariman suit. They were very pretty without being intrusive to the other Operator Items. It looks so bulky now and I'm honestly not sure why they changed it. It doesnt really make it blend better or seem more modular than the other items and seems an unnessary change. I was so looking forward to having the quick switch of outfits instead of having to screenshot it and then change manually. But all the stuff I wanted to have as outfits is not available anymore.
     I also know a few friends really hate the Kopra hood now becasue they would use it open, and it used to sit flat down the torso. Now it sticks up and clips into  operator hoods like crazy. For something costing plat to buy, it's extremely frustrating.   
I guess we'll see come monday.


I know this is a big update and theres so many other bugs that need to be fixed first that are game breaking. So its not like its first priority. But as long as they are aware, which it definity seems like they are, I'm ok. :D Just had to put in my two cents. Which I guess is pretty useless in Canada with them not using pennies anymore XD.

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by the way when gear wheel complaints i feel are a bit silly. right now i can prevent the spiraling gear wheel by just having about 10 items on the gear wheel and there is no issues for me. DE maybe just needs to tweak it to the point where having more then 12 items transitions into the spiral gear wheel but thats fine and all. if there is an issue with the fishing gear wheel that needs to be fixed.

bye the way the emote works just fine as no one should be emoting during fighting... if someone is doing so then why the fack would they waste time emoting while a bunch of grineer are firing at them as i wont pick up anyone that's prosperously wasting someones else's time. 

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Did Mirage eclipse ability get a buff or is this a bug?  I'm getting 700~ buff in game on 194% power strength and 1272% buff in game with 304% power strength. 

screenshots in tweet on the warframe twitter:




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See if you can restore energy channel toggling while sprinting. Kind of breaks flow having to walk or stop to channel.

Edit: and while attacking. can't flip it on and off at will. The shift key is preventing this.

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typing this in test room
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Switching to synthesis scanner in mission unequips everything and you would have to rinse and repeat until you manage to equip the scanner

the match had like 200ms but hosting the game does not appear to have this bug

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Alright, so arbitrations are a good idea, but I have one MAJOR issue with them so far...those stupid little drones that make enemies completely invulnerable are just dumb. Nullifiers are annoying, but we can tell where they are based on the bubble. These drones though can hide really easily on certain tilesets because 1) they're super small, and 2) there is no visual indicator as to their location like nullifiers have. Please either remove these annoying ba$tards completely or give us an easier way to find them. I've lost one and nearly lost another simply because I couldn't find the stupid drone that was making the enemies around me invulnerable and were thus freely killing me while I was frantically running around helpless.

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10 hours ago, jjmitch87 said:

i feel like this update screwed me. specifically, the login rewards changes. i love that it was getting changed, was 100% all for it. couldnt find any estimated date besides "soon."

backstory: im a founder from like 5 years ago that stopped playing (which was a mistake but hindsight is always 20/20) and came back earlier this year.

last week, as my login days were approaching the 100 mark, i frantically searched for when the change would happen, because i was comfortable not logging in for a few days if the update would happen so i could choose the weapon for the 100 day mark instead of get a pistol i really didnt want and wont use. i found nothing besides "soon." i know that an exact date is really a hard thing to do, but even an estimate would have been great. (i play a lot of 7 days to die, and alpha 17 has been "soon" since like february this year, but thats not an MMO game and totally different). so wednesday or thursday, i get my milestone. get the pistol. and then friday the update happens. so, at least in the terms of the weapons, the changes to daily tribute never happened, because i wont get the one i want until day 300 regardless. the ONLY thing i wanted from all of the login rewards, is essentially 198 days away now. i would have waited and not logged in for a couple days if i knew when the update was coming. im sure im not the only one this has happened to, but im sure the number of us is also small. no NPC to trade one unused weapon for another. no way to go backwards a couple login days. i think that whole thing is really awful, but i also think im in the severe minority and nothing will be done about it.

i decided im not logging in for another 6+ months for the choice. ive enjoyed my time playing warframe, a few weeks ago i was playing 80+ hours a week on top of having a family and a full time job but this is the nail in the coffin for me. its time to move on.

So I take it you haven't looked in the forums, looked on their twitter, watched any devstreams, etc as it's been quite clearly when this update was going to come out. Two weeks ago they said it would be with a couple weeks, and then last week they said it would come this week. A couple days ago they said they were shooting for a Thursday release, and then update to tell us it was coming Friday. In other words, the information was freely available, you just didn't take the time to look for it, so it's kinda your own fault. I do, however, think it's ridiculous that you've decided to quit the game altogether because of...login rewards. Seriously, none of them are worth anything more than mastery fodder. They're nice to have, but by no means necessary, and definitely not worth quitting the game over. But whatever, your choice.

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  • The speed of the decoys has been reduced in an exaggerated way. Before they could move at an acceptable speed. When the lure is captured, it tends to park in the air, 4-6 meters from the ground.
  • Void blast now requires a short distance to generate Cetus Wisp, with Unairu's ability.
  • Negate is a mod that allows Wyrm, it stops working, and other times the effect is maintained infinitely when Wyrm dies.
  • It would be good to block the use of the archwings tool when you are in operator mode, to avoid waiting for this error in the plains of cetus.
  • Iluimination in Volt's energy makes blue colors odd, too hard to see, before the update were visible without much effort
  • Shooting Gallery, makes the weapon invisible, and this bug blocks the reload of it.
  • The kuva is not caught by some AMP shots, and they do not automatically count.
  • Aim in the plains of Eidolon, during a hunt, there comes a point where you take the aim of the weapon for no reason, that is to say you aim with a sniper but out of nowhere puts you in normal aiming mode, (shot from the waist), in case of lanka, you must charge the shot again.
  • The damage of all the SNIPER vs Eidolon leaves the Snipetron Vandalo / Snipetron far behind, I have the same build, and I tested all the sniper in the same scenario, and Snipetron Vandalo hits half the damage that the Rubico vs Eidos
  • There must be a message: "Are you sure to ignore this user?", before ignoring someone. By accident I ignored a friend trying to invite him, and which I did not realize
  • Using, Cosmic Crush, against the vomvalyst, generates a triangular glass wall, which becomes impossible to pass through
  • Hyperion Thrusters, does not show the increase in speed.
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Encountered a bug with my plague keewar/shtung stave zaw where the first strike of quick melee appears to not be able to hit anything. Tested in the simulacrum with different stances and with/without primed reach and the first strike of quick melee will not hit anything unless you are touching it while the second strike seems unaffected. More testing showed that when I'm facing *away* from the enemy then the first strike will appear to damage them while I'm within range. I don't have any other zaws or staves to test with but other melees including my lesion seem to have no issue.

I also think that I'm having issues getting some of the stance combos to work, but I haven't tested that as much.

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