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Rakrasi, The Great Desert (Mars open world ideas)


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Ever since we first got PoE back in 2017, I've been theorizing about possible new open-world areas for the game, and since we are now on the Fortuna (Venus Open World) hype train, DE has basically confirmed my theory that every planet in the game will have its own free-roam area, and that they're going to be released in star chart order. We don't know what the Mercury open world will be like (it'll probably be Infestation/Grineer-themed and tied to the "Once Awake" quest) nor do I have any suggestions on how it could be done, but I do have some cool concepts on what the Mars open world (i.e. the one possibly released after Venus' and Mercury's) could be like... Do you guys want to listen to them?


(and yes, the name is a scrambled-up version of Arrakis :B)

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